How to Keep That “Raptors Win” Feeling

What an exciting whirlwind of a week this has been!  The Raptors won the NBA championship and I’m pretty sure that every single human in Canada was jumping up and down as high as a basketball hoop on Thursday night!  The after-glow continues and once again we not only feel proud of our team but united and proud as a nation!

This is the stuff we need more of.  Being Canadian is not always easy.  We’re not all built to enjoy the cold weather and many of us hibernate for almost six months of the year.  That can feel cozy but now our weather has finally changed.  We need to grab that “Raptors win” feeling more often!  It’s good for the soul to bond with our fellow Canadians.  Talk to people, smile at them, crack a joke!  Let’s get off  our phones this summer and have a great time meeting new people in person.  Sound like fun?  Here are some GREAT ways to do just that!

1)      Concerts!!! GO to LOTS!!!

2)      Beer Festivals!!! Great place to sit with strangers and talk!

3)      CNE!!! Be a kid again, go without kids and indulge yourself.

4)      Throw a garden party!!! For neighbours only . . . include the ones you’ve never met.

5)      Dog Park!!! If you don’t have a dog, borrow one!

These are a few ideas to get you moving and enjoying this summer.

Today, on this Father’s Day, of course, I’m thinking of my Dad as I write this.  He lived by this philosophy.  Growing up in the friendly city of Cologne, Germany, he brought that lovin’ feeling with him to Canada.  He loved people, he would talk to anyone.  My Mom would send him to Hopedale Mall for a bag of milk and he’d be back an hour later.  The bank tellers loved him, the ladies at the K-Mart, the mechanics at Honda, the butcher at Bruno’s, the fish lady at Fortinos and in his final days, the nurses at Oakville Trafalgar hospital.  Wherever my Dad was, in any situation, he made friends and I think that made him feel supported and loved.

Take this lesson from my Dad and remember, even in the loneliest of times, there are people who care.  Maybe they are not the people whom you expect.  Just another reason why having expectations is a waste of good energy.

Remember that stranger you high fived, maybe hugged or even cried with when the Raptors won? You had a moment with them, and it meant everything!

Monica XO

Our dear 19 year old Emma left back to Germany today!  I’m going to miss having her at the glamjulz studio and all of her enthusiasm.  She LOVED being here and felt like a true Canadian as she cheered for all of the Raptors Games, went with me to see Greta Van Fleet and Ontario Place and enjoyed the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington!  She really got me thinking about how much Canada ROCKS!  Stay tuned to your email next week for a special surprise, just in time to celebrate Canada Day!

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