Life Lessons From a Good Friend . . .

If you tuned in to the “Get To Know Her” show on Tuesday you would have heard my interview with my dear friend Nancy McMillan.

As many of you may know,  Nancy is the chair of the Bright Run which is a big walk/run that happens every September to raise money for breast cancer treatment and research with all monies raised going to the Juravinski Cancer Foundation in Hamilton Ontario.

My personal relationship with Nancy is a wonderful friendship but it also has another big perk. I look to Nancy as somewhat of a coach.  Having been through her own journey with breast cancer she has wisdom and a perspective on life that I like to tap into whenever I am in her company.  Or sometimes I’ll just pick up the phone and intrude on whatever she is doing to get my Nancy fix!

In my interview with Nancy she gave some really great advice.  Nancy said, “The best piece of advice I can give you if a family member or friend is going through cancer is, do not start the question with,”how are you?”  Nancy’s reasoning was that we already know the answer, the person is not well and this is probably not what they want their daily focus to be.  Sure, they might need to talk about how they feel but allowing that person to give you that information on their own terms gives you an opportunity to dive into other stuff like their hobbies, interests, family life, etc.  What Nancy was saying made so much sense.  When someone is ill they are still a person.  The illness does not define them and there is so much more to talk about and laugh about which will get some good endorphins pumping, quite frankly!

Nancy’s always full of positivity and loves to bring women together to have fun, she has a fantastic sense of humour about life and all of the things it throws our way.   Nancy seems to move through life with a curiosity and openness to learn new things, which I find so endearing.

If you want to get in on some of this beautiful energy I suggest you join the Bright Run and join her on a brand new virtual platform for September 2020.

Also, if you are craving a girls night in with a group of fabulous women who want to raise money for this great cause please join my exclusive party with Nancy on July 22nd, we’re going to be making julz together!

I’m so grateful to be connected with Nancy and I’m even more happy that I can share her with all of you!

Links to all these great opportunities are below!

Monica XO

Click HERE to watch the live interview we had last week!

Click HERE to join the Bright Run virtually and start a team now in preparation for September 2020.

Click HERE to join our party on July 22nd – details about what you will need are all included.

If you have any questions please ask!

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