Making it Just Right

As you all know most of August was taken up by moving into our NEW studio space.  We are all loving the new space and owning it makes it even more special.

When we started packing boxes at the old place I felt so overwhelmed!  How am I ever going to get to unpacking?  How do people in business handle a move?  There will never be enough time to take care of all this!  I need to be out there promoting  glamjulz!!

I was having one of those moments where I felt like I had to “control” the situation because no one else would understand how things needed to be organized.  Was I ever wrong!  Wayne and Dawn took the bull by the horns.  They are the ones that spend most of their time in the studio so they needed to make it functional for them.  Absolutely amazing, I never unpacked one box!

By staying clear and allowing those two to have “control” the studio is more efficient and organized than I ever could have done myself.  Shelves are labeled, we have a proper shipping area, we have a lounge area, the showroom is perfect and the bead wall looks great!  Wayne’s even created an area where he can do all his photo shoots and video work.

Sometimes we just need to let go and let the people that support us take over!





That’s great.. I wish you lots of luck in your new place.. It is more exciting when you know it is your own place and you can do with it what you want. Enjoy.


So happy for you! You had a dream years ago, followed your heart and now look at you! You go girl!!! muahh


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