Mother’s and Daughters

A couple of weeks ago was the Third Annual Mothers and Daughter’s weekend at our family cottage!

What a great time!  We mixed things up a little this year and had an early Christmas Market for all of the neighbours.

I had my julz of course, Audrey was there with Norwex, Brenda with her beautiful clothing line and my Mom was selling my brothers awesome T’s!

It was such a great afternoon! Friends and Neighbours shopped till they dropped and little daughters ages 3- 13 were eager and willing to help make sure the event was a success!

What a great way for these young girls to learn! They felt so empowered.  It’s pretty amazing to see how beneficial it is for children to be around Mom’s and Dad’s that live their passion!  I think it makes such a difference for them as they grow and mature.  From my observations these kids seem to have fantastic common sense and the confidence to take initiative when simple things need to get done.

School isn’t always able to teach kids these skills and I am in complete adoration of my friends that do take the time to be patient with their children and let them try new things!

Sure it’s probably easier to make your kid a snack because he or she might make a mess but after a few tries they’ll get it right and maybe be the next Jamie Oliver later on in life!

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