Oh Canada!

Ever wanted to be in two places at once?  I figured out how to do it!  Ha Ha!

This is such a cool picture, a friend in Calgary took this Panoramic shot of me on a beautiful morning walk last week!

Did I say Calgary?  Yes I did!  I should also say, Vancouver, Kelowna, the Okanagan Valley, Canmore, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, Dryden and Thunder Bay!

That’s right!  I drove across Canada with glamjulz!  What an amazing experience.  My dear friend Jen had decided last year that she wanted to move back to Ontario from Kelowna.  What a huge decision for her and Wayne and I really didn’t want her to take on that drive on her own.  We talked about it and decided what a GREAT opportunity!  I could go over and help Jen and then we could take our time seeing this AMAZING country together while I visit tons of beautiful stores along the way.  So Jen and I made a plan!  And we DID IT!!! Once in a lifetime opportunity.

I loved it all and honestly feel even more proud than ever to be Canadian.  I do have to say that the drive into Ontario was so breathtaking.  The Canadian Shield is so powerful, I had goosebumps!  I am so priveleged that my work can take me through all of these wonderful adventures.

Hmmmmmm…..now I need to make a plan for the next road trip….Nunavut perhaps?



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