Strawberry Threads Grand Opening!

Strawberry ThreadsLukas Rossi

What a perfect day Saturday October 17th was!

I had the pleasure of celebrating the Grand Opening of Strawberry Threads in Uxbridge with Sara and Julie, the owners of this beautiful store!  These girls are wonderful people, if you want to be made to feel like you are the most special person on the planet I suggest you shop their.  The girls have a real commitment to showing their appreciation to their customers ALL the time.  Not only are they experts at it but they have taught their staff the same business philosophy and they are all a pleasure to be around too!

These girls are living proof that when you treat people well, with kindness, appreciation and respect it all comes back to you!  When I am in their store I feel like I have walked into their home.  There are people of all ages shopping, I have seen women come into the store that have worked and lived in Uxbridge their whole lives and admit to these sassy girls that they want to update their look but don’t know how.  That’s when Sophie, their amazing in store stylist steps in and makes the transformation happen.  These women walk out feeling so wonderful about themselves and seem to instantly develop their own unique style.  I think that’s what really makes Sara and Julie so special.  They are not all about following what we see in magazines, they are about showing women how to express the true essence of who they are.  That is a wonderful gift to be able to give someone.

Sara and Julie are also huge fans of music!  All types of music, their store is always bopping with great tunes!  The two girls are also huge fans, great supporters and great friends with Lukas Rossi winner of Rockstar Supernova.  What an amazing finale to the Grand Opening!  Lukas was there and sang his heart out for Uxbridge!  What an amazing thing to see!  The girls deserved it all!  The day was perfect and they made me feel like a rockstar too!  glamjulz were flying out of the store all day and all of their customers were so supportive!

If you have never been to Uxbridge I suggest you go.  Meet the girls and enjoy a relaxing visit to the Tin Cup, on the lower level of their store where you can enjoy a delicious smoothie, coffee or a Chai Latte.  The chicken and brie sandwich is also to die for!!!

Enjoy your visit and please be sure to tell the girls I said hello!

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