Support your local retailers!

I think we are so fortunate to live in Canada for many reasons!  I am so impressed by Canadians and the way we buy.  We are all making such an effort to buy locally and support our neighbourhood retailers.

Small town Ontario is thriving again, and although some took a hit this year on the whole I have noticed all of the wonderful retailers that buy from us are increasing their orders and selling boat loads of sparkly julz!

What an amazing feeling it is to be supported by all of you.  Its so rewarding to see the julz disappear off of the shelves!  Wow!  Just fantastic!

I have shown a picture here of a beautiful store in dowtown Paris, Ontario called The Cheshire Cat.  Irene is the owner and she is just wonderful to work with.  She looks gorgeous everytime I go in to visit her and her store is so beautifully merchandised.  She really takes pride in all of the beautiful jewelry and gifts that she showcases from talented artists and suppliers over the world.  It is such an honour as a Canadian designer to be represented so well. Did you see all those shelves with glamjulz???? Irene is just amazing!

Enjoy shopping in your neighbourhood boutiques!  Oh and by the way if glamjulz is not carried at your favourite store, please let me know!  Everyone needs glamjulz!Cheshire Cat

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