The How’s Don’t Matter

Do you ever over-analyze EVERYTHING???? I sure do!  I think it’s what makes us the smart, intelligent, powerful women that we are!  But when is enough? Enough?

Dawn and I sat down a while ago and talked about how we were working the business and whether or not our “jobs” were in line with what we do best!  Dawn started the meeting by saying write a list! I want to see all of the things you do everyday that you don’t enjoy and then I want to see a list of what you LOVE to do!  Hmmmmm….easy enough! “Now, she said, I want you to tell me what’s stopping you from doing what you LOVE to do!”……okay you just had to make this hard didn’t you Dawn? LOL!  Wow!  What an eye opener.  I realized that most of the time I am not doing what I LOVE because I am worrying…..worrying about what? How are we going to get all these orders out? How are we going keep up with customer demands? How are we going to handle custom orders?

Dawn quickly pointed out to me that these thoughts of worry and panic and fear really had nothing to do with me at all!  She said, “Do you think I worry about HOW you are going to bring in the sales?”….”of course not, you just do it because that’s what you LOVE to do”……

Getting the orders out, making the julz, managing production…..hey that’s Dawn’s job….that’s what she LOVES to do!  BINGO!  Epiphany!! Bright light!

At the end of our meeting Dawn said, “Never worry about those cursed hows…have faith, trust and believe” that’s how things get done!  Thank you my wise friend.

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