The Magic of Women!

Happy International Women’s Day!

This year the celebrations feel more emotional for me than ever before.

A year of reflecting on my blessings has made me realize how full of love and support my world actually is.

One year ago today we all had no idea that the year to come would be like no other we have ever known.

When the pandemic came, my fears and anxiety rose as I worried about the things I had no control over and worried even more about what I could try to control to the best of my ability.  My Mom’s health (would Covid get her?), my business (was this the end?) and of course, my own wellbeing and desire to keep creating when it seemed like the world was falling apart.

Much to my surprise, I would need waaaaay more than ten fingers to count all of the ways I have been encouraged and supported by women this year.  Each one, in their own special way, helped me to overcome those anxieties and keep my feet on the ground as I reached to the top of the sky for as many stars as I could grab.

What I love about women is – when the %$#@& hits the fan, we rally around and we start talking.  We talk and talk and talk some more until we find solutions to the problems we are trying to solve.  It’s how we communicate.  I have a few networks of women with whom I LOVE to do this with.

Firstly, the Woodside Wonder Women!  This is a group of fabulous women whom I have known since Kindergarten.  We grew up together and we know most things about each other.  We Zoom on Saturday mornings at 9am and discuss our own challenges as well as the world’s.

Next, every month I meet with my BusiWomen Mastermind group.  We are a group of entrepreneurs who discuss our businesses and bring forward valuable ideas while at the same time, lovingly critiquing the things that just don’t work.  This year the theme has been all about pivoting our businesses to be profitable, meaningful and sustainable in this new world.

One of the most rewarding ways has been connecting with all of you.  I’ve enjoyed having you join me on my weekly talk show, in my weekly emails, and some of you have hired me to do ghost writing for your businesses.  I also must highlight today my collaborations with the most inspiring women for fundraising projects to help our community.  Here are four that have launched today in celebration of International Women’s Day –

Donna Thornton – Bracelet of Hope – for Gillian’s Place in Niagara

Whitney Hammond – Wallet to Wealth Bracelet – for Halton Women’s Place

Brooke Gordon – Reach for the Stars Bracelet – for Soroptimist International

Fonda Baron Loft – Beside Every Strong Woman Bracelet – Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington

I can honestly say, this year I have seen with my own eyes the power of women working together to raise and support each other.  Our natural ability to nurture and care for those who are most vulnerable is what will save our world.

We will not just celebrate today, we must celebrate every day.  We must keep showing up every single day to do this work.

We can only do this from a place where our tank is full and we can give with our whole hearts.

So remember, priority number one is to take care of YOU.  You are the most important and we need you out there, showing the world your sparkle!

Today I will sparkle for you!


Monica XO

PS – Every woman and young teen needs to watch Amy Poehler’s new movie on Netfilx called “Moxie”. I wish I had been this girl in highschool!  The best girl power movie I have seen in a long time!

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