The Planets Align So Rare . . .

The last five months have been stressful for all of us.  For me, one of my biggest areas of stress has been keeping six feet away from my Mom and only visiting at her condo, outside on the patio.  Don’t get me wrong, I have felt so grateful for at least being able to do that.  I know many of you haven’t even seen your “senior” parents since the pandemic started.

Counting back two weeks ago since mandatory masks were put in place, I have felt a lot safer about “bubbling” with my Mom.

This weekend was big, it was my Mom’s first visit to the cottage.  We decided to make it a girls’ weekend.

The girls’ weekend included all of the important indulgences like Aperol Spritz cocktails, lobster, tropical smoothies with dark chocolate grated on top, barbecued ribs and barbecued chicken, Pino Grigio, fresh corn on the cob, tomato/cucumber salad and a decadent chocolate cake, of course!

Our weekend was action packed.  I took off for long beautiful bike rides and then met up with my Mom at the lake where we swam for hours and enjoyed a picnic by the water.  We talked a lot about how grateful we were for all of the adventures we have had together.  Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in Antigonish Nova Scotia, wading around in the healing silica waters at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and, of course, all of our beautiful road trips to the Florida Keys where we would cook delicious meals together and sit out on our balcony and watch the Pelicans soar along the coast line.

Last night I built a blazing bonfire.  We got comfy under blankets and looked up at the sky changing from light to dark.  Much to our surprise, Mother Nature entertained us with a beautiful show that lasted for hours.  The sky was clear and filled with stars, so many stars that it felt like we were under a dome, as though we were sitting in a snow globe.  I’m pretty sure the snow globe got shaken up as we watched shooting stars falling from the sky.  Next we were graced with magnificent flashes of light.  The sheet lightning was so strong that when it struck you could actually see there were white clouds in the sky.  Neither of us had seen anything so luminous before.

We gazed and felt amazed at this beautiful gift that seemed to be especially for us.  Our playlist on this spectacular evening included Jonas Kaufmann, HAUSER, Elvis, Marvin Gaye, Linda Ronstadt, and Olivia Newton John.

At 11:30pm the fire was almost out and Mother Nature’s show was coming to a close.  “Just one last song” I said to my Mom.  I put on “Magic”.  The perfect ending to our magical girls’ weekend.

Monica XO

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I so envy you your time with your Mother! You are truly blessed! Keep on making those memories.❤️

Catherine van der Oye

I see you were watching the nature and weather channel without me…..and assuming my role at the BBQ station. I wish I was there with you enjoying your Mama! Special times are really what life is made of!


Are they ever dear Catherine! We are making sure everything is under control for your future return to paradise XO


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