The Quarantine Pivot! (sounds like a new dance move)

Wow, are you ever amazing!  You are supporting small business in a big way and I know this because I see how so many of my fellow business owners are flourishing during Covid-19.

The buzz word these days among entrepreneurs is “pivot”.  The question is, how are you going to pivot your business to give your customers what they need during this pandemic?

Anyone who can sew seems to be making masks around the clock.  The artists in my circle are sewing beautiful designs with floral prints, polka dots, animal print and even superhero themes to at least give you something to wear that will put a smile on your pretty masked face.

When we were all told to stay home I wanted to help too!  It wasn’t going to be with masks because I can’t sew, not my forte, but I do know how to get creative in other ways.

I remember hearing a long time ago that if you’re not sure what you want to be when you grow up, look back at the things you loved to do as a kid and that’s where the answers will lie.

It’s funny, this theory served me well when this pandemic started.  As a kid I LOVED to get creative.  I was born to keep my hands busy and would occupy myself with activities like rug hooking, colouring, and toys I could design with like Lego and Lite Brite.

As I got older the friendships I had with my girlfriends were paramount.  I loved to send them the most thoughtful notes I could write, especially during class.  They would usually say something like, “I love the lip gloss you have on today and I noticed Pete checking you out in the hallway.”

My other favourite pastime was talking on the phone, for hours and hours about anything, everything and nothing.

So now, I have taken these three pillars of strength from my youth and turned them into something wonderful for my customers.

1) Necklace Kits for girls to make online with their bestie!  The purpose is to explore creativity while connecting with a friend with the ability to create something together while apart.

2) Bracelet sets to send to the ones you love!  I offer a card with these sets that can be personalized with a picture and a message of 20 words or less to tell that person how you feel.  I also incent people to purchase three sets and receive a fourth one for free.  That they are encouraged to pay it forward to a front line worker or to a special person who is helping them.

3) My Tuesday talk show!  Every Tuesday I go live on Facebook and talk to a business person who is inspiring and interesting to listen to.  I’ve featured some really dynamic guests.  Among them, are Catherine Van der Oye, Toronto Realtor, Annette Hamm, host of CH Morning Live and last week I chatted with Karen Baring , the founder of BusiWomen a networking group with over 3,000 members.

These times are all about being of service.  You guys have supported us for years!  You come out to our studio, attend craft shows and shop with us on line.

Now is the time for us to take care of you in this new landscape.  I am always open to suggestions, so please let me know if there is anything else that glamjulz could be creating that would fill your heart.  I welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Thank you so much for being here with us during this time.  Even though we are not together I still feel you with me every day at my studio. You inspire me to keep going and keep creating.

You are everything!

Monica XO

During this time we have decided to keep our doors closed at the glamjulz studio.  We are however taking on-line appointments via Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Instagram Chat.  Book an appointment today and let’s create a custom piece just for you.

Also, we are offering 25% off on the julz in our showroom until next Friday May 22nd.  Click HERE to shop now!  We have NEW styles.

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