What would I do without Dawn?


I know I am the luckiest because I have Dawn!  Everyone needs a right hand man/woman in the office and I think we all strive to find that perfect match!  Fortunately for me I have known Dawn my whole life….since we were babies!  We are not related but grew up like cousins, our parents being good friends!

Dawn and I have such a special connection, it’s hard to describe but I feel like we read each other’s minds all the time.  When our next glamjulz collection is being launched Dawn and I will talk about where the inspiration for the next collection is coming from.  I will start getting all excited about things like, 80’s rollerskating movies, Xanadu, Roxy Music, neon lights….etc etc…whatever has inspired me through the years that I want to translate in beautiful julz.  Dawn just looks at me and says…leave it with me!  Bingo…the magic starts happening. Everytime!  Ahhh Dawn you got me again!  She always does.  Next time you are wearing a beautiful piece of glamjulz and wondering how did they come up with that colour combination?  Who thought to put those beads together?  You can think of Dawn!  Dawn takes what is in my head and makes it better!  That’s why she is irreplaceable to me and to glamjulz!  She’s also a total babe!  Don’t you think?

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