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Show the World Your Sparkle glamjulz Subscription!

Can you think of a greater gift to give yourself or someone you love?

Every month a pretty little package will arrive in your mailbox with julz to help you show the world your sparkle!  The julz inside will have a value of $50 or more.

With each subscription sold we will donate a piece of glamjulz to The Forget-Me-Not Gratis Shoppe which is a free shop where women in local long term care facilities can “shop” for jewelry, scarves, handbags and other fashion items that are collected as donations.

Payment Information –

The cost of the subscription is $35/mo + $5.00 for shipping.  You will see a charge of $40.00 CDN to Glam Ltd. on your statement.

You can click the SUBSCRIBE button above to get started.

Your monthly payment of $40.00 CDN will be charged via PayPal or the Credit Card of your choice.

When to expect your package –

Subscription sign ups can be done at anytime.  When we receive your subscription sign up by the 1st of the month, you will receive your first package by the 30th of that same month. (Please note that international shipments times can vary but rest assured we will send your items to you by the 20th of each month)

If we receive your subscription sign up on the 2nd of the month or later, you will receive your package by the 30th of the following month.

Cancellation policy –

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time by emailing us at – designgirl@glamjulz.com

Here’s what our subscribers are saying –

I love this subscription in so many ways! First of all I love the ALL of the beautiful pieces of jewelry I receive every month -. When I get my beautiful glamjulz package it’s like it’s my birthday every month! AND I especially love that with every subscription glamjulz donates a piece to The Forget-Me-Not Gratis Shoppe That subscription in turn brings a little joy and happiness to our seniors living in long-term care. Thank you so much Monica Graves and glamjulz. Your support truly makes difference! – Lynn

Thank you sooo much. I got my subscription and absoutely love it. Thanks again say hi to your Mom.
– Gaetana.

OMG!!! I received my “subscription” goodies, today!! The necklace is awesome AND so is your portal painting AND letter!!!! I will have to take pictures of ALL the places that I have put your quotes, pictures, artwork, etc!!!!You r energy is incredible!!!! – Miriam
What’s not to love about glamjulz? Not only does Monica make stunningly beautiful and unique jewelry, she is phenomenally community minded, giving back whenever possible. This monthly subscription gives back to an often overlooked group in the community, our seniors. Receiving this treat each month is made extra special knowing that in my small way, I am helping Monica put a smile on the face of someone who richly deserves it. – Pam

I love all of my Julz. I’ve been a regular shopper at glamjulz. Love the initiatives as well. I thought, the monthly subscription was the perfect way to go. I gave my March package to a friend of mine who recently was advised she has breast cancer (her surgery is tomorrow). That package was perfect as the little extra was a notebook which was a perfect size to have in her purse when she went to her many appointments. Sign up, you won’t be disappointed, it’ll bring some sparkle to your life and others you may share with. – Colleen

Received it today! Absolutely stunning Monica – Donna

I absolutely love my glamjulz! I get excited to receive my surprise package every month. Can’t wait to see what’s next! I love that Monica gives back, especially to The Forget-Me-Not Gratis Shoppe.– Gail

Hi Monica,
I love the April subscription package! Thanks for the note and the painting. It really hit home and is a great reminder for self care! Much needed. Thanks – Elissa

Awww I love all the glamjulz projects. Raising money for great causes. Seeing my friends wearing the From Wallet to Wealth bracelets and necklaces. And helping to raise money for Halton Women’s Place. Plus…. the awesome monthly jewelry gift my granddaughter receives in the mail each month. Thank you Monica for your ingenious creativity and the ability to give back to all those who need help – Whitney