Miss Vs. Ma’am…..

Okay ladies!  So which one do you prefer?  I don’t think I have ever met any woman that likes to be called Ma’am.  Having turned 40 this summer I am extra sensitive to it to say the least!  I suppose there is some point where Miss will expire but why Ma’am???

I was at the grocery store this weekend and the cashier, at least 20 years older than me called me Ma’am…..totally unacceptable….don’t you think?  To me this Ma’am business is worse than the day I stop getting carded.

I, for one don’t recall ever calling anyone Ma’am.  Those words could never leave my lips.

I am all for aging gracefully, I’m not into Botox or any of that stuff.  As a matter of fact I feel like the years get better as I get older, I am just better to myself all around.  It’s just the Ma’am thing that I am having trouble with.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject or if any of you have a suggestion for something more pleasant that we could call one another.
Hey Rockstar would be my preference!  Does anyone call
Gwen Stefani Ma’am??? I don’t think so!

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