2019 Resolutions – Check In!

So . . .

How are you feeling about the new year so far?  Are you working through your goals and all of the things you were convinced that you’d be better at accomplishing this year?

Isn’t it crazy what we do to ourselves?  We know full well that we are creatures of habit yet we really, truly believe that just because the new year is here we can be rid of our old habits and fall into new, productive ones with absolutely no resistance.

Okay, you may or may not agree with me.  Maybe I’m saying “we” to make myself feel better!  Ha ha!  But being 100% truthful with you, these are the expectations I put on myself every year.

For the past four weeks, while on my quest to become a better version of myself, there have been little miracles that are pushing me towards success.  Is this what happens to people when they enter the year they are going to turn 50? If it is, then hallelujah!

It’s an ever so gentle shift I’ve had within myself, something that isn’t a major epiphany, just a little something that’s helped me see myself in a new light.

Are you ready? . . . 

I finally know what I like and what I don’t like!!!!

Okay that sounds pretty broad, BUT, it’s like I just feel things more.  I have come to a place where I truly know what gets me motivated, who I want to surround myself with and how important it is to keep my body and mind healthy so I can basically manage life in the adult world!

For example, this year I hopped back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon and did myself up a schedule for working out at the gym.  My motivation is no longer to “look good” but rather, “I can’t afford to not do this, when I eat junk and don’t make time for exercise I feel like crap!”  I’ve lost about four pounds since January 7th and I am getting to the gym at least 4 x a week!  My head is clear, my creativity is soaring, my confidence is raised and I feel in control of my life.

I’ve also realized that I need my surroundings to be organized, a place for everything and everything in it’s place.  I have noticed that when I have chaos surrounding me, everything feels chaotic.  My mental health suffers and I live in a place of overwhelm.  Now that I’ve cleaned up my act, I am no not longer a proud multi-tasker but rather a laser focused business woman who gets things done, one at a time!

Resting is also really good for me!  Who knew?  I decided this year that I was going to read some good novels just to escape and experience something different.  My tendency has always been to read business books or self help.  The novel reading is working, I’m escaping and not worrying about little things or big things that I have no control over.  I’m also getting to bed by 10 because my book is waiting and by 11 it’s lights out and sweet dreams!

If you’re having trouble staying committed to your 2019 resolutions maybe it’s time to ask yourself this simple question.  What’s my why?

Believe me, all the answers are inside of you, whether you are turning 50 this year or not!

You’ve sooooo GOT this!

Monica XO

On Friday afternoon I hosted a FB Power Hour to give people great tips on how to be leaders in their community.  If this is one of your goals for 2019 you can click HERE to watch the great discussions we had and hopefully get some inspiration.

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