80 Years Ago . . .

Yesterday we celebrated my Mom’s 80th birthday!

My Mom is so precious to me.  Sometimes I pinch myself and think, how did I get so lucky to be born to this lady?

My Mom was born on September 1, 1939 in Bremen, Germany.  The same day World War 2 began.  A tragic and horrible time in history.  My Mom actually carried guilt with her for years about being born on that day.  I tell her, being born on that day was the best thing that happened for the world!  My Mom tells a story about how shortly after she was born there was a siren at the hospital warning patients to go down to the shelter. The nurse said to my Oma, I’ll take the baby, you carry the blankets and my Oma replied, you will not take my baby, you will take the blankets.

No one messed with my Oma!  I’ve heard many stories about what it was like for my Mom to grow up back then, in such stressful circumstances.  Sometimes I think, how did she every end up to be such a smart, emotionally intelligent and well-rounded person when the world around her was falling apart?

My Mom always explains.  She was born into the war, she didn’t know any different.  Her parents were kind, loving and peaceful people and so were her grandparents.  Whether they were separated, starving or threatened, they always had love and they extended that love to others who were suffering and helped whomever they could.

My Mom is a blessing here on planet earth.  Her love and kindness towards her family and friends is unlimited.  She is patient, compassionate, understanding and so open-minded.  She blows me away with her sense of adventure and she never gets stuck in any “old ways”.  She is a young beautiful spirit who makes this world a better place.  I’m looking forward to many more years with my dear Mom, also known as my best friend.

Monica XO

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