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It’s finished and has now hit the Internet…

The Official video for The Dyadics new track “Dead and Gone” is the latest feather in the bowler hat of the Pretty Idiot Productions Video Portfolio.

My artistically creative husband Wayne

Hey Moni… don’t forget to tell them how ruggedly handsome I am, and how awesome my facial hair is


As I was saying…

Wayne shot the original footage for this video on a chilly day just a few months ago. Working with regular collaborator Gary Kuiper of 33 Point One Multimedia, this video was their first foray into the ancient art of the Chroma Key/Green Screen video technique. Chroma Keying is where two or more video sources are digitally composited, or layered on top of each other allowing for alternate backgrounds or images to be inserted during post production (much like watching the Weather person/Meteorologist on your local news station)

The Dyadics – Dead and Gone |(Official Video)
Directed and Edited by Gary Kuiper (33 Point One)
Director of Photography by Wayne D. Graves (Pretty Idiot Productions)
Check out the band at thedyadics.com or on facebook!



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