All it takes is a simple introduction . . .

“Is there anything better than watching a woman succeed?”

These are the words of my friend Mindy Tweedle.  I met Mindy a few years ago.  She runs her own Video Production Company.  She helps businesses to tell their story.  Mindy also provides media training – just one of her many offerings.

I went to Mindy a few years ago because I wanted to polish up my “On TV” performance.  Mindy was great, she showed me how the camera was my friend.  Where to look, how to angle my body and not to be afraid to just speak from my heart.  At one point Mindy tricked me.  She said, “Hey Monica, just talk to me, look at me!” I started my spiel and Mindy slowly walked away, I was now looking into the camera and talking to it like it was my friend.”  Mindy dissolved my fears that day and now I actually love being in front of a camera.

Mindy is also a member at the Hamilton Club.  She is passionate about bringing women together at the club on Thursday evenings for the purpose of networking.

I attended one of her gatherings last month.  I hadn’t seen Mindy in a while so she wanted to catch up on everything that was new with me.  That’s the other thing about Mindy, she makes you feel so darn special and important.  So, I got her up to speed on how I was helping people in the community with our fundraising julz.  Her eyes lit up!  “I want to help you.  Can we spend a day on the road together so I can introduce you to some people?”  I was floored.  “Mindy, I know how busy you are, holy smokes, do you have time to do this for me?” That’s when she said it, “Of course I have time, and besides, is there anything better than watching women succeed?”

Mindy has helped me out so much in just a few short weeks.  She’s promised me introductions and made them happen.  She is genuinely invested in my success and I feel so very grateful.

I’ve learned so much from Mindy and her giant heart.  I think my story about Mindy is a reminder to us all that when you surround yourself with like-minded business people it becomes easy to do business.  You are essentially making friends and true friends want the best for each other.

Think about the women you know.  Think about how hard they work.  It could be a matter of making just one introduction for them.  This kind gesture could change their business.

Imagine if we all made one referral/introduction a week?  Let’s do it!  We all deserve to succeed.

Monica XO

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