Are You Grieving The Loss of What Was?

Happy Monday everyone and a very happy March the 1st to you!

I’m excited, this is the month where the seasons start to change.  We might have sunshine and melting snow one day and a storm the next but hey, we are moving in the right direction.

If it was a normal year, my Mom and I would be pulling into the White Sands Inn in Grassy Key FL for a nice dose of sunshine and warmth.  I’d be flooding my Instagram and FB posts with pictures of the sunny south.  Pelicans soaring along the coastline, palm trees swaying in the warm breeze, ocean waves breaking as they hit the shore and vibrant tropical flowers blossoming all around.

My adventurous parents found the White Sands Inn back in 2001. They made it their go to destination every March.  A quaint little motel, situated on the Atlantic side of the Florida Keys, half way between Key Largo and Key West.  A place where they would unwind, spend quality time together and enjoy the rewards of retirement.

I was fortunate enough to crash their party, once in 2010 and again in 2012.  We had a ball together.  Our most joyful experiences were focused on three things, food, music and wine of course!  The mornings began with fresh orange juice and a walk through the picturesque neighbourhood with quaint little houses inland and big extravagant homes across the street with stunning ocean views.  We’d return back to the room and in our little kitchen where we would cook up the most delicious meals. Our hearty breakfasts included eggs, toast and fresh fruit and then we’d be off to the beach with a picnic lunch.  We were always back at the room by 4 o’clock for a Pina Colada and little snack.  The three of us had our own party every night.  Dinners included everything from stone crabs to conch ceviche to grilled mahi mahi with avocado and mango salad.  Those days were so precious.

When my Dad passed away in November of 2012 it was a shock and left a big hole in our hearts.  I was so grateful to have experienced The White Sands Inn with him and my Mom.  It was an honour to experience all of the magic that they had discovered there.

My Mom and I continued the tradition of this annual trip.  During my first two visits I had made some good connections in the Keys and was able to sell my jewelry and make it a holiday with a little business on the side.  I guess what I never expected was that Grassy Key would become a place that felt like home.  I made friendships that are still so valuable to me today.  The amazing Rachel and her lovely Mom Janice who own the Inn, Jim and his wife Wendy who visited every year from England, Jim took us fishing and brought fresh coconut to our room, Terry who owned a beautiful boutique in Big Pine Key, we would rock out to Jimi Hendrix whenever I came to do a trunk show, plus a handful of other wonderful people who I still stay in touch with today.  Most recently I was interviewed by Lauren and Stuart Sax who owned Angelika’s in Islamorada, Stuart now has a talk show where he interviews artists and designers.

All of these people are so beautiful, they were there for my Mom and I as we mourned the loss of my Dad and they encouraged us to keep visiting.  We were able to create new memories with my Dad looking over us, smiling down from heaven.

It’s difficult when life changes and we lose what we once loved most about life.  Many of you might be grieving right now because of this pandemic.  Experiencing loss is devastating.  Today I encourage you to look at all of the good that has happened for you since Covid, perhaps they are things that may never have appeared in your life if things were normal.

Count your blessings, this is a new normal and another new normal will be coming after this.  Life is short but we are also given time to heal.  Healing happens, second by second and minute by minute.

Sending you so much love.

Monica XO

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