Because Of You, We Have Hope

Sure these times are tough.  This is something that none of us, in our adult life have ever experienced before!  This is just off the rails crazy.

It is a privilege that we have homes where we can be safe and stay at home but our anxiety and worry grows.  We are concerned about our health, the health of our loved ones and our finances.  Not to mention there are people in our lives that we are missing so bad.  Just to hug them would be so gratifying right about now.

This is not easy, no one is saying it is.

Many of us small businesses are still waiting patiently until the government rolls out some kind of benefit that will work for us.  All of the offerings sound good but when we look at them a little closer, well, we just don’t qualify right now.

Much like many of the small businesses out there I worry, a lot.  Will I still have my business six weeks or six months from now?  No one knows the answer to that question, we all just feel the sting and we’re kind of scared to look too far into the future.

In my glamjulz world I am keeping my mind set on creating new things.  Trying not to get stuck in how things used to be and really paying attention to what people need right now.  Lucky for me the response to my Friendship Necklace Kits for teens has been successful so far and lots of people are tuning in to my Virtual Treat Yourself Tuesdays where I interview a different artisan or maker every week!

I guess my ask to all of you wonderful people who support small business is that you keep on showing us your love and support.  It really is our oxygen right now and we can’t thank you enough.  If we post something and you like it, share it with all of your friends.  Better yet, pick up the phone and tell a friend about a small business you admire who is trying their best to give back to the community and keep their business alive.

Here is a list of Small Businesses that I want to feature today, click on their name and you can find out more about what amazing things they are doing to give to their community with their beautiful, hand made creations and good vibes!

Hides In Hand

Christy’s Gourmet Gifts


Urban Minerals


Lousje & Bean

Thank you for supporting small business, because of you, we have hope.

Monica XO

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