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When we think about “shop local” we often think about attending the local craft show, getting our produce from the farmer’s market, purchasing a new outfit from that cute little boutique where the owner knows us by name.

The experiences we have when we support local businesses are gratifying not only for us as the shopper but also for the small business owner.

I’m always excited when my customers visit my studio.  When they walk through my door I want them to feel loved, listened to and know that I genuinely care about them.  I want them to enjoy their shopping experience.  It’s important to me that what they chose to buy lights them up and makes them feel fabulous every time!

When a customer comes to see me I also feel loved.  They validate that what I am creating is important.  I go home at night feeling deeply satisfied that I can make a living because people enjoy my creations.

Today more and more people are shopping on line.  They like the convenience of it.  They can usually get what they are looking for delivered to their front door within a day or two.

The shopping “experience” has become just as important on line as it is in person.

Now, who doesn’t love amazon?  I’m pretty sure we all do, their inventory is so vast, all you have to do is enter what you want in their search bar and it will exist on amazon.

But what about the commitment to shopping local and making sure that our creators can still create and make a living from the beautiful and original pieces they bring into the world?

Well I thought it would be a nice treat this weekend to introduce you to some of my favourite local makers. Each one of them is offering my blog readers a coupon code for a percentage off for this Sunday and Monday.

I know each and every one of them.  Some have been to my studio to exhibit their work.  Support them –   they are fabulous people.  They work hard and make beautiful things.  Be original with what you purchase and share the story of who you bought from.  You’ll be much more interesting to talk to at a cocktail party than the person who ordered some generic product from amazon!

Where to shop –

For Kids:

Crown & Stipley – – enter coupon code LOCAL for 10% off

Charlotte makes beautiful items for babies with upcycled fabrics!  She even makes scrunchies & Kimonos for us retro girls!

Ponchies for Kids – – enter PONCHIES10 for 10% off

Your little ones will LOVE dressing up as different characters for their everyday life!

For Beauty:

Bloomiss Naturals-– enter coupon code JULZ for 15% off

Natural, organic beauty products, I LOVE her lip gloss bundles!

Urban Minerals –  – enter GLAMJULZ for 10% off

Natasha and I can’t get enough of their Contour Kit!  It’s why we glow and sparkle!!!

For a Yummy Treat:

Baked by Michelle – on Instagram – direct message her for 10% off

Michelle made our delicious thank you cookies for our Mother’s Day Open House!  They were heavenly!

For Fashion:

Taska Hand Bags –  – – enter coupon code THANKYOU25 for 25% off

Fanny packs are back and Nadya’s are soooo stylish!

Maple & Oak Designs – – enter coupon code GlamJulz for 15% until May 31st!

Who doesn’t need a Rockabilly headband?  Enjoy this beautiful time travel to the 50’s!

For your Feet:

Hides In Hand – – they have a 10% off sale happening right now!

The comfiest moccasin’s you will EVER slip your toes into!

Barcelona Collective – – enter coupon code glamjulz for 10% off

Elegant, modern, comfortable sexy shoes!  Can they be thrown in the washing machine?  Oh yeah!

For the Love of Art:

Fabled Creations – – enter coupon code MAY2019 for 20% off

Different art for different people!  My favourite is titled Aurora Borealis!

Enjoy shopping local from these amazing makers and remember that once a month at the glamjulz studio we love to feature local talent so stay tuned for upcoming special trunk shows!

Monica XO

Remember to shop our on-line bin sale until Monday at midnight!  The beads in these julz include an array of fun beads including resin, wood, glass shell and semi-precious chips. Click HERE to check it out!

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