Black, White & Nude – Inspired by Debbie Reynolds

“I gave it all that I had, and it’s gratifying that others seem to be receiving it so well.”

Debbie Reynolds, grateful, humble and so classy.  The woman had boundless energy and never gave up.

No wonder I had to include her as a big inspiration in my 2017 spring collection.

The mixture of black, white and a touch of nude screams Hollywood Glamour.  Don’t we all need a little bit of that in our wardrobe?  Especially with the perfect red lipstick!  You know there is a perfect shade for each and every one of us, don’t you?

It was important that Debbie Reynolds would shine through in this colour combination.

Sometimes I think about what I do and how “glamorous” it looks on the outside.  There are so many things behind the scenes that I put energy into that are not so glamorous. Setting up my booth for trade shows, driving for hours to meet with a new client, uploading pictures for the website, sitting at my desk throwing beads around as I try to create a new design that will be the next “hit’.  Or how about paying bills and tackling piles of paperwork?

As much as these things are not glamorous, they are important and are responsibilities for which  I am grateful. Without them I would not have a business.

Debbie Reynolds was a woman who celebrated independence, hard work and living life joyously. She appeared in over 50 movies and constantly re-invented herself.

I completely look up to this legend.  Debbie taught me that being successful is about hard work, redundant tasks and getting your hands dirty.  In fact, I do believe that this is what makes us glamorous!

Thank you, Debbie for your great attitude and teaching us how to be unstoppable.

Monica XO

What is it in your life that you work hard at?  What motivates and keeps you on track for success?



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