Blue & Hematite


Blue, blue, blue! Beautiful shades of blue! Okay, I admit it! I was one of those 90’s gals who loved the starry night stuff… I had a midnight blue bedroom with glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling! By the way I did paint that bedroom myself!  I was a mural painter before I was a jewelry designer don’t ya know? Oh yeah . . .I was always dreaming. Oh and I can’t forget my sun and moon earrings! We all had those right? Didn’t we?

Yes, so the 90’s fashion is back and this colour combination screams black lights and clubbing with the gang. Time to load up the eyeliner again and embrace our inner Shirley Manson.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2016.  You can totally rock this colour combination with a powder blue sweater when everyone else is stuck on grey and black. Hmmm and how about some silver boots?

Be happy, look different, feel like YOU and show the world your sparkle!

Isn’t that what being a glamgirl is all about?

Remember to come and visit us at the One of A Kind Show starting November 24th!  We will have ALL of our NEW colour combinations plus some we’ve been keeping under wraps.  We love to surprise you!

Monica XO


another Monica

The ’90’s were great for me! 1992 travelled thru Europe, 1993 travelled Australia, at home met a great guy, 1995 – married him!


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