Bringing Back The 90’s


Did you spend your 20’s in the 1990’s?  Anyone out there with me on this one?

I am completely engulfed in the fashion trends this fall!  Everything I LOVED about the 90’s is back and better than ever.

Lace, leather, deep burgundy lips, mini skirts and platform shoes.  Oooooh yes, I’ll do it all again!

Who remembers the scene in the movie “Clueless” where Cher Horowitz, the lead character, has her entire wardrobe put together by her computer?  This technology was so amazing for it’s time, the program would actually call out a “mis-match” if she put two pieces together that were not quite right.

The 90’s were an exciting time for fashion, to me it was the beginning of “anything goes”.  Depending on what music, mood or movies you were into, there was a “look” for that.

You could hang out with your friends at bar in your finest “grunge” wear which included ripped jeans, your Soundgarden T-shirt and a flannel shirt layered over top, or tied around your waist. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the Doc Marten’s.

If you were going to a fancier night of clubbing you probably wanted to make yourself look a little more like an anime cartoon character.  I LOVED this look. Platform shoes, a baby doll style mini dress, choker, perfectly coiffed hair with a couple of sparkly barrettes and of course the thigh high tights.

By day, we girls had to look respectable for our office jobs and that’s where the movie Pulp Fiction had a huge influence.  I remember wanting to look like Uma for work. Pencil skirts, cardigans, crisp white shirt, black fitted suit jacket, capris and sheer stockings with heels.

Writing all of this down I kind of wish I’d kept a little more of that wardrobe.  Pheeeew I do still have the Soundgarden T-Shirt.

I’ve been having a TON of fun recreating these looks for the glamjulz fall collection.  You will see many NEW pieces on our website for fall that celebrate this time in history.  Pendant Chokers, Long Crystal Pendant Necklaces, Eyeglass Chains, Stackable Necklaces and Bracelets, Tassel Necklaces and Earrings and Charm Necklaces.

You know how some people say, “If you’ve already lived through a trend don’t do it when it comes back” Well I say. . . NONSENSE!  Not only did I create these types of pieces in the 90’s when I first started designing jewelry, I’m bringing them back better than ever and you betcha I’m wearing them all!  You will join me, right?

Monica XO



I still have my Doc Martins, ripped guys Levi’s AND a Bowie T-shirt…. as well as belts, neclaces and even a hair barrette! I’m not totally sure if I believed the fashion would come back, or if I loved it so much I couldn’t part with them!


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