Burlington Rocks!

I just love living in Burlington.  There is so much going on in this city and I’ve noticed that people really get out and support their local talent.

A  few weeks ago Joelle invited me to come to a fashion show that she was hosting at the Burlington Art Centre.  Joelle was launching a new line that she’s carrying in here store called “Desigual” ….she described it as a beautiful colourful line from Barcelona that would be perfect with glamjulz…..WOW!  Joelle was not kidding! The julz really rocked with this bold and eclectic clothing line.  Each piece was so different, all one of a kind pieces, much like our julz!  I felt so proud!

The entertainment for the evening was a live performance by Ginger St.James.  A local talent from Hamilton, Ontario.  Voted the best female artist and sexiest Hamiltonian by View Magazine last year the girl’s voice is heavenly!  It’s unbelievable what she can belt out of that tiny little frame.  Her performance was amazing and I couldn’t resist running over to Ginger and throwing some glamjulz on her.  She graciously accepted my gift and handed me her latest CD.

There are so many powerful people out there and I always feel so inspired when I see strong women pushing forward with what they believe in and expressing their true selves.  I think it takes so long sometimes to discover how unique we are and what a gift it is to everyone around us when we express our individual talents and ideas.  No one should ever be afraid to express their ideas and explore how to make them a reality in life.  You never know where it might take you!  Just be you!


Victoria Hughes

What a positive blog post! Burlington DOES rock, and the supportive community is, indeed, amazing. Your jewelry is gorgeous – I think I’m up to 3 necklaces now – always grab it at Joelle’s.


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