Bustin’ a Move for Boobz

Remember when you were a kid and you would say, “When I get older I am going to do this!  When I have money I’m buying this, my life is going to be so awesome and look like this!” ?

Those dreams were BIG and they meant something!  I had lots of them.  In my 20’s I went for some of them but had insecurities that stopped me.  In my 30’s I tried again but also had it in my head that I needed to “grow up” and act responsibly, buy a house, get married, move my way up the corporate ladder.

Then came the 40’s!  Lots of life stuff happened, beautiful things and tragic things and I quickly realized that if I wanted to make my dreams come true I had better start doing a little more than just dreaming.

The last few years of my life have been full of gifts.  Life lessons that have shaped me into the person I am today.

There are certain things that I LOVE to do!  I am crazy about music, love rock stars and I’m proud to say I can probably imitate most, especially if they are from the 70’s or 80’s.  I’ve had this talent since I was 5 and studied Cher every time our family watched the Sonny & Cher show.  My parents would say, “Moni, please do not stand in front of the TV!”  Ha ha…I was absorbing every hair flip, every eyelash blink and every hip wiggle.

When I’m at the cottage with my girlfriends the carpet beater comes out and becomes my guitar.  I honestly don’t even need a drink!  I was born to air guitar, air bass, air sing, air drum…anything! Ha ha!

I made a decision in my business last year that I would only work with people who were like-minded.  I love it when I meet a woman and instead of being all serious with an agenda our little girl side comes out instead.  We then create something spectacular because we know that the essence of our true selves is the most important thing we can offer the world.  This is what gives other women POWER to change their lives for the better.

I am so grateful to have met the two dynamos who started She’s Got Leggz!  They just celebrated 2 years in business last month and already they have built a tribe of incredible fans and followers.  Theresa and Laura are so relatable.  They are the kind of girls that you feel instantly at ease with because they enjoy life and they want to share it with you!  When I hear the song, “Girls just want to have fun” these are the two girls who I want to skip down the sidewalk with.

Next week Theresa, Laura and I are embarking on a NEW adventure.  We are embracing our inner rock star “going on “tour”!  Not just any tour, this one is special.

We will be exhibiting She’s Got Leggz and glamjulz in several cities across Ontario so that all of our friends, fans, and followers can come out to meet us and get in on a fun night of shopping!

Our tour is called, “Bustin’ a Move for Boobz” because that is what we are doing!  Through our sales we are raising money for The Bright Run to support Breast Cancer treatment and research at the Juravinski Cancer Centre!

We are announcing tour dates as we go so please stay tuned to the EVENT on Facebook.  First gig is this Thursday in Mississauga.

It’s not too late and you’re not too old!  Find people who think the same way you do!  Bring your dreams into your reality.  You deserve that. Bring all those dreams and friends to see us on our tour! We want to rock out with you!

I know I’ll never be the opening band for Led Zeppelin but Daryl Hall might just call me tomorrow because he needs 1,000 ten strands with matching leggings for his biggest female fans!

Just press play and show the world your sparkle!

Monica XO



We were meant to meet Monica! You inspire us too and when I grow up I want to be just like you. Looking forward to our summer tour for boobz. xo

Jamie Paul

I have been a glam shopper for years! I have bought from a boutique, I have ordered online and I have gone into the studio and picked out my piece…one thing I can say is…the experiences have always been exceptional!!! I have done business with Monica, Dawn, Maggie and Natasha…they are all dedicated professional and super AWESOME!!! I love me my glamjulz and the Glam Crew too!!!

Monica Graves

Jamie!!! How wonderful! We LOVE you too!! Thank you for your support and hope to see you back stage this summer


I always like to support businesses that are not only local but also support purposeful causes. By shopping at glamjulz, I know that I can do both! Having met Monica and she’s got leggz about a year ago, these women are not only infectious with their enthusiasm, but also smart, dedicated businesswomen who stand by their products. Not only do I shop from them with ease but am glad and proud to join them in supporting their causes.

Pam Rutter

I’m one of those shoppers who spots a perfect piece, gets home, and finds there is nothing in the closet that will go with it. Sound familiar? That is no longer my problem since I found Monica and her julz, and the girls at She’s Got Leggz. Not only can I find a perfect outfit, but also the accompanying julz all at the same time. All of these ladies are so helpful, not to mention fun to be around! They’ve empowered me to wear things that I thought really weren’t “me” or perhaps I was too old for, but actually looked great and made me feel good about myself. Thank you for all you do to give women confidence!

Monica Graves

Pam! We love you! I am crazy about your enthusiasm and how perfectly put together your outfits are! You’ve got style XO

Tammy Angelis

Monica, Theresa and Laura are true Rock stars and women to emulate. I met Monica through tragedy and her sparkle reminded me of the incredible moments yet to come…. Monica and Theresa’s company (She’s got Leggz) has been a pleasure to work for and they’ve created an amazing product and an amazing team of inspiring women. I’m excited to see where we go next! Giving back to the BRIGHT run/walk is an incredible gesture. Rock your tour ladies…

Laura DiBiase

These ladies are amazing! Shopping locally is something I love to do and these ladies are truly inspirational. Their love of what they do is obvious as they touch the lives of every woman they meet. Helping the community and finding beauty in everyone they meet is a gift. Keep going ladies…the sky’s the limit! xoxo

Monica Graves

Laura!!! Sing it sister!! The sky is the limit!! So lucky to have you along for the ride!! XOXO

Laura Youngs

What T said! We were kindred souls!! Gonna rock out like Steven Tyler inthe late 70s!

Nancy McMillan

Greetings from glamjulz showroom two…my bedroom! I have more julz than even I can imagine. I wear them every single day and each day I get the most amazing compliments. Thank you Monica for making me sparkle even on my dull days!
BRIGHT Run and glamjulz have been breast friends for almost ten years and without Monica’s support our Team Captains would be BLINGless. Thank you Monica, Dawn, Maggie and Natasha for your unwavering support of local breast cancer research. We are making a difference, together! I can’t wait to fill my closet with a pair of Leggz to match each set of julz!!

Monica Graves

Nancy!!! You are such an inspiration. We are all so excited to be a part of your vision to end Breast Cancer. Can’t wait to rock the summer out for Bright Run! XO

Catherine van der Oye

Channeling your inner rock star for Boobz!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Sign me up sister!!!!!!


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