BYOB was a Smash Hit!

Last Wednesday I hosted an intimate and interactive BYOB evening at my studio with 9 women.  Not BYOB in the way you’re thinking, I actually provided the vino.  BYOB as in they had to bring their own beads.

These beads were not just any beads, they all had meaningful stories attached to them.

I wanted to share with you the highlights of the pieces these ladies brought and why they wanted beads from previously worn jewelry to be revamped and given a new lease on life by me.

Lisa brought a bracelet that was a gift from her sister while traveling and earrings from a dear girlfriend.

Marianne loves pearls and so does her Mom, her Mom bought her many strands over the years and then her husband did the same, they are all identical strands, ha ha!

Carolyne’s piece is from her grandmother, In blue – which is Carolyne’s favourite colour.  She loves the idea of wearing her Baba close to her.

Beth brought a beautiful piece which her daughter gave her several years ago.

Alex wanted to make something for her oldest sister, who always took care of Alex and her siblings.  Alex’s sister’s kids bought her a necklace that she never wears anymore.  Alex is going to surprise her with this necklace makeover.

Elizabeth received a necklace 30 years ago from her Dad. Her Dad passed away when she was 20 and it’s hung on her wall with her memories for all this time. 

Joanna brought thank you gifts from her clients.  The pieces are not necessarily her style but she wants to repurpose them into a style she would wear because they are so meaningful to her.

Pam brought a peach necklace that she wore to death when she first got it.  She wore it so much that her colleagues called her “Peachy Pam”. She eventually got sick of it and now she feels she needs some peach back in her life.

Linda brought quite an elaborate piece from her grandmother who typically did not take time for self-indulgence.   Linda looks at the piece and remembers her grandmother daily. She left Linda the necklace and told her it was strong and colourful, just like Linda.

Going around the table and sharing these stories about the pieces each woman brought was very special.  I have always felt that jewelry is sentimental and meaningful.  It carries a beautiful energy with it.  We can feel sexy, empowered, supported and like a warrior princess, simply by putting on the right piece of jewelry.

I am truly honoured and excited to work on re-creating the beautiful pieces these women brought to my BYOB night.

Stay tuned for social media posts with their individual stories and before and after pics.

Coming soon to a phone or computer near you . . .

Monica XO

In this season’s collection of julz we celebrate the many wonderful traits of a woman.  I wanted to celebrate my dear friend Nancy McMillan by highlighting our Confidence collection! Nancy kindly volunteered herself to help out at my BYOB night, the night of as a matter of fact!  She walked in the room, said, “Okay Monica, what am I doing?” I said, “Ummmm…greet the guests, serve the wine, pass around some food and cash them out.”  With a spring in her step and a huge smile across her face she took on the tasks like she owned the place!  I was able to relax, enjoy my guests and do what I do best!! Thank you for your friendship Nancy!!! XO

*Photo credit to my friend Elizabeth Barrass Plouffe*


Pam Rutter

Last evening’s BYOB event was fabulous! So many touching stories of beads that hold treasured memories for their owners! Monica’s talent will bring new life to these beads, and I’m sure her creations incorporating these beads will be stunning and treasured as well! Kudos to last night’s “hired help”, Nancy, who may have found a new career. Looking forward to seeing the exciting new pieces!

Monica Graves

Pam! Having you there was so fab!! You had us all in stitches! Nancy is hired! Ha ha! XO

Elizabeth Ann Isabella Plouffe

Terrific night with @glamjulz and the ever fabulous Monica! A night of sipping, swapping and sharing stories.

Have you got some necklaces that aren’t quite your story any more? Last night we took our shiny pieces, added some #sparkle from #glamjulz and are now creating new stories that will fit us perfectly

I love many things about Monica. Her creativity and drive to deliver the best sparkling experience for her clients inspires me more than she knows

Monica Graves

Thanks Elizabeth! It was so wonderful to have you there! Your story was so special. <3

Nancy McMillan

Hey Monica! Thanks for letting me crash the party. It was a fun evening and great to witness the creative process that goes into creating your /our () beautiful pieces. Goodness knows I have a few.
It was great fun to act as your sidekick, meet all the ladies, hear their “story behind the jewels” and watch as you worked with each one to create their new julz. I am anxious now to see the “after” photos. As many gals said that night “I think you are on to something!”
Now, if I can find any of my julz that are not glam I’ll sign up for the next BTIB event. Cheers, Nancy

Monica Graves

Ha Ha!! You betcha Nancy! You might just have to steal some jewels from a friend! XO


The evening was so much fun! It was interesting to walk through the process of sharing the story and selecting colours from the emotions and feelings. The idea of having Monica’s beautiful designs made with my special pieces is so exciting. I can’t wait to see … and wear my new pieces!!!

Monica Graves

Marianne! Your julz will be so spectacular. I’m just thrilled you enjoyed yourself. Xo


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