Celebrating the Good Things


I just had to let you know how proud I felt this week when our very own Eleanor McMahon was sworn in as Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

Eleanor has such a heartfelt story that she shares about her passion for the position. We know this important job was meant for her.  Click HERE to read that story.

I met Eleanor a year ago when I was displaying my julz at the Legislative Assembly Gift Shop at Queen’s Park.

Eleanor was a ray of sunshine as she entered the room and was instantly drawn to glamjulz!

The morning that Eleanor was sworn into her new position she made a decision to put on her glamjulz necklace. I don’t think she realized in that moment what she was giving to me and my team.

We are all so proud to be a part of this occasion in some small way.

Today I am celebrating this good thing that has happened.

I hope you are also reflecting on your week and celebrating the good things.  We all move so fast.  Sometimes it’s good to stop and say “Hooray for Me!” …. you deserve it!

Have a fabulous weekend and keep making this world a better place, what you do and how you touch people is so important.

Monica XO


Christine Vinnai

I reconnected with relatives this week. My cousin, her daughter and her two daughters. We lost her brother in March to cancer after a long fought battle. It has been about 40 yrs since we last spoke so I feel that I have missed out on sooo much and they do as well. There was a rift in the family that was a result of an accident that happened 60 yrs ago this August. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity and I feel it is an major accomplishment. I take my mum with me which is awesome as she will be 87 in a couple of weeks. I am truly blessed to have these people in my life.


Christine what a beautiful story and definitely a huge step for your family worth celebrating. Good for you, I admire your bravery ❤


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