Coffee & Cream



Aaah I love that feeling of blissful exhaustion after having worked really hard on something and then basking in the success of it all.  That will be the feeling I will have on Monday December 5th after eleven days at the One of A Kind Show. I, along with over 800 artisans will all be enjoying this euphoric feeling, thanks to all of you who come out to the show every year and give your support to the artists.

While getting ready for the One of A Kind show I was writing out daily checklists so long, that I felt like my days were playing out in Fast Forward.  One night I stopped to get groceries at 1am after a full day’s agenda.  I quickly pushed the cart through the aisles, paid up and walked out the door.  I looked up to the sky as beautiful big snowflakes were falling and touching my nose.

The Coffee and Cream colour combination reminds me to enjoy more moments like this.  My favourite cozy sweater, wearing my comfy cowboy boots with all of my outfits, snuggling under the blanket with Boink, pouring Bailey’s into my hot chocolate, making Wayne his favourite shepherd’s pie for dinner.

Coffee and Cream is a new colour combination.  This combination was influenced by serenity and comfort.  It reminds me of those moments where life slows down just a little, and we notice all the little things that make us feel good.

I promise you, these julz will be cozy, warm and comforting with just the right amount of sparkle.

This colour combination  will make you feel peaceful and serene every day!

I’d love it if you would leave a comment about a moment that gives you that feeling.  Your comments are my favourite part!

Monica XO



Hey Monica – So good to see you at the 1 of a Kind. The new hair rocks!
We have had our new puppy, Peaches, for about six weeks. Usually I’m chasing her around the house taking things (like my shoes) out of her mouth so they are not chewed to bits.
But sometimes we are all three on the couch, Pirate and me chatting or reading and she is snoozing snuggled in between us. Then she is a bundle of love and I realize how restorative to the heart those small moments are.
Llana xo

Monica Graves

Oh Llana! It was wonderful to see you at the show too! Thanks for all your complements! I LOVE your snuggle story! Peaches sounds like such a dream. She is so lucky to have found you both <3


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