Cottage Weekends

It’s June and back to cottage for beautiful weekends and fun times with family and friends.  I seem to go through the same pattern every year.  I feel so protective of my weekends north and I am determined to let nothing get in the way of them.  It’s my 3 months of the year where I can, swim, walk, run, eat, drink and be merry all in my own back yard so to speak.  No desire to go on holiday, no desire to get away from it all.  A time where I am just happy to be in the present, letting magical moments unfold.  It seems like after Christmas I work every weekend from January-May.  The thought in my head is always that if I do it now I can have my weekends at the cottage without feeling like I’ve fallen behind.

This is where I can sometimes get myself into trouble.  Work, work, work even in doing what we love can sometimes cause us not to see or enjoy what is happening around us.  Now that I am once again enjoying my cottage weekends I have noticed that during that relaxation time I am receiving many gifts.  New ideas for glamjulz are coming to me so quickly, I feel more organized, I am enjoying my interactions with people so much and learning some great lessons from other like minded business people.  I have made a commitment to myself to be more mindful.  Every morning I am writing down six things that I am grateful for.  The first thing I wrote down today was that I am truly grateful for coming to the realization that relaxation is nothing to feel guilty about when we still have piles of work on our plate or other people to take care of.  Sometimes we do need to stop in our tracks, take 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days or whatever it takes to re-generate, re-focus and just breathe.  It is in those moments that everything truly does fall into place.

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