Designing and Creating for Women

I am so absolutely thrilled with the way the glamjulz spring collection is being received this year.

I designed the collection around the different characteristics of a woman because I wanted women to have touchstone pieces that really meant something to them.

When it was time to design our annual bracelet in support of Dress for Success Toronto I thought, wow, we could carry on this theme and call the bracelet “Colours of a Woman”.  These bracelets are a loved item and they are not only being scooped up for Mother’s Day gifts but women are buying them for the women in their lives who love and support them.

I was wearing my “Colours of a Woman” bracelet the other day and someone said to me, “I love that bracelet, it’s so symbolic of sisterhood, the way the beads are strung on elastic and create a perfect circle.  It shows that the piece is about women supporting women.”

Hmmmmm . . .

That got me thinkingHave you ever taken a moment to really look at the circle of women who have got your back?

When I think of my network of gals, I am so lucky.

I have the nurturing friend who calls me after a long week to come over so she can cook me dinner.  The friend who soothes my vulnerable side by texting me empowering slogans like, “She believed she could, so she did.” How about the strong friend who comes up to the cottage and chops wood to make a fire so we can have a delicious barbeque? Or the motivated friend who challenges me to a spin class when I’d rather park my butt on the couch? I also adore the confident friend who encourages me to jump on a stage and do public speaking because what I have to say is worth listening to.  I’m so happy I have a compassionate friend who listens without judgement and understands me when I feel like no one else will.  I can’t forget about my friend who always wears beautiful shoes, smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers and never leaves the house without her lipstick on, she is the ultimate feminine girl and in no way a princess, she’ll break a nail if she needs to!  Finally, all of these amazing women have the quality I admire most, ENDURANCE!  They all have power and belief in themselves which propels them to never give up and keep going, no matter what life throws at them.

As women we are able to create our own worlds of love, support and kindness.  It becomes contagious and we make beautiful connections with other women because these qualities come naturally.

I think tonight is the perfect night to call up or text the women who have stood by you over the years and tell them what great sisters they are!

Sisterhood truly is the path to empowerment.

Monica XO

I hope you are celebrating what it means to be woman with us!  This season we celebrate YOU and all of your amazing facets!  Here is our beautiful COLLECTION  inspired by you!



Hey Monica – I’ve had a confidence-shaking week and was feeling a bit blue so I decided to go shopping on your website (which always cheers me). How great to read this inspiring blog. I’ll think about what my bracelet means and remember to take courage from my strong woman pals.

Monica Graves

Llana! This makes me so happy. You can come here anytime to get inspired and be reminded of how powerful you are! You rock sister! XO


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