Does the kid inside you remember how to play?



So, how are you feeling about the way you spend your days lately?

Do most of them feel like they are whizzing by? Did you forget all about what it’s like to play?

Remember when you were a kid and you would just get lost in adventure and imagination with your friends, playing on the street after school until dusk? Going to the “mall” for the first time and checking out the cute boys?

I remember those days quite clearly, sometimes I feel like a switch just flipped and I ended up in 2016.

My 12 year old self had dreams that went something like this:

  • I must invent one thing that everyone will buy, then I’ll be a millionaire, when I become a millionaire I can pay off my parent’s house and we can all just have fun all the time. They wouldn’t be stressed out and I could make sure that they have everything they ever wanted.
  • I’m going to keep kissing this poster of Daryl Hall on my wall. Then he will come and find me and fall in love with me and when I’m 18 he’ll want to marry me and I’ll be a Rockstar’s wife.
  • I need to get my hands on an airplane, this family deserves to fly to Florida every weekend and lie on the beach and eat delicious seafood all day. (by the way, I actually used to lather Coppertone on myself before bed and fall asleep dreaming of Florida, just to beat the winter blues)
  • How am I going to roller skate my way into a life full of magic and unexpected adventure and surprises? How am I going to get that glowing light around me like Olivia had in Xanadu? How do I reach out to people so that I can inspire them and make them feel good?

These were my dreams, and yes, I thought about them a lot.

I’m still working on that million and now I want to give it back to people who don’t necessarily have the luxury of play like I did.  I want to give it to people who need someone to lift them and turn their head in a new life changing direction.  I want everybody to feel hope and possibility like I do.

Daryl Hall never came knocking on my door but I did end up with a husband who loves me and supports my every dream and makes me feel like the rockstar in the house.

The private jet is still a work in progress and YES it will be an invisible plane and you are sooooo invited to that party!

Now about that glow.  The good news is I found it and I know we all have it. There is so much good energy to pass around and inspire one another with.  The glow first comes from within.

So this week my dear friend I invite you to play.  I’ve posted a pic here of me playing with my glamjulz just to show you how to add fun to any outfit.  The same julz that you wore with your Little Black Dress can also be worn with a comfy T-shirt and Jean Jacket.

If the accessories make you feel great then work them in! Who cares if you feel like wearing your favourite necklace with your PJ’s.  You are allowed!

Toss those silly “all grown up” rules aside and get back in touch with that little girl. She really does have all the answers!

I’d LOVE to hear what your dreams were as a bright eyed kid.  Please share in the comments.

. . . and, as always, PLEASE, never ever forget to show the world your sparkle!

I see you there, little girl 😉

Monica XO



You’ll love this one! I wanted to marry David Bowie and be a Russian spy. I even wrote a book about it in first grade which promptly got my parents called ( being the cold war and all) 😉 neither happened, but I think I’ve still done pretty well for myself 🙂

Monica Graves

Sarah! This is fantastic!! I love this dream! You’ve done very well for yourself! Way to go my friend! #girlpower


I love your big dreams and ideas! I can imagine you as a young girl doing these things just as I can imagine you STILL doing them! Keep on dreaming – that’s where the fun is!

Monica Graves

You got it sister! I feel very lucky to have a friend like you to dream with! XO


My dream was to marry George Michael and to live in England of course! Ahhhh I still dream of George and listen to my Wham! when I can … Ahhh the memories!

Monica Graves

Sooooooo happy you shared that with us Mrs. George Michael! Amazing dream! XO


When I was 12 I wanted to be a wife and mother, I remember my teacher telling me I needed to have bigger dreams. I was so upset and went to my Mom who told me that was a wonderful dream. Now at 45 I am a mother to two wonderful boys, the whole marriage thing didn’t work out but I have no regrets because I have them. They are my heart, my inspiration, my everything and they are a lot of fun. Go figure it turns out them inspiring me to take a chance to make a better life for us, changing my careers, that I am a pretty talented business woman 🙂 I know my Mom is looking down smiling on us. Now my dreams is for all us to stay happy and healthy. Oh and I was also going to marry Corey Hart…lol

Monica Graves

Tracy! This is adorable! Corey Hart! Love it…..thanks for sharing your beautiful story.
Monica XO


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