Dress for Success helps Women Sparkle!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching I love to take this time to think of the incredible women that I have in my life.

To me Mother’s Day is the celebration of all women.  Some of us are lucky enough to still have our Mom and some of you have your Mom with you as your forever angel.

Have you ever noticed that there are certain women in your life who always give you unconditional love and support?  These are the gals most commonly referred to as our besties! These women typically reflect back the best part of you, listen with both ears and support you when you share your hopes and dreams.  I think it takes a special kind of friend who feels excited to see you grow and prosper and live in a joyful place.

It is important to remember when being a friend you must never put expectations on that person to provide you with the happiness you crave.  It sounds simple but this one is not always easy.

The deepest and most reliable friendship you can have with anyone is the one you have with yourself. I believe that when we take time for ourselves something magical happens.  We discover our unique abilities and move forward in the world by sharing those gifts with others.  We inspire, we create and we solve problems that are much bigger than our own.  Our inward focus transitions beautifully to one that is outward.  We realize that our purpose is much greater than fulfilling our own needs.  We see clearly that it is the responsibility of all us to share our sparkle with the world.

At glamjulz we are proudly supporting Dress for Success for the 4th year in a row.

This organization is very important to me.  Their vision is, “A world where women do not live in poverty. We strive for a world where all women are financially independent, are treated with dignity and respect and are directly impacting their lives and those of their families. We aspire to a world that fully harnesses the power of women and recognizes their role in economic sustainability.”

When I go to the Dress for Success website and read their success stories I am shocked to learn that poverty often affects women the most.  As life moves along women are usually the ones who need to care for children, tend to sick family members or aging parents.  These types of responsibilities often interfere with managing a job or a career.  Once a woman is ready to get back out into the work force she may feel disconnected, alienated and self-conscious.

I love that we have the people at Dress for Success working hard to get women back on their feet and diminish any type of negative feelings of self.  Many of the members are previous clients with their own stories to share.

For every Mother’s Day necklace that we sell to our glamjulz community – yes that’s YOU! – we will donate a necklace, bracelet or earrings to Dress for Success so that women can feel the positive energy and great vibes that go into each piece and get hired for that dream job!

I believe that all women deserve to show the world their sparkle! Don’t you?

Monica XO

I would love to hear your comments about a woman that supports you the most in your life.  Your stories and experiences are always inspiring.



I am always amazed at how you constantly strive to help so many valuable community driven causes. It’s so sad to me that an organization such as Dress for Success even has to exist in this world but the reality is that the need for it grows higher each year. To think that my purchase could help make one woman feel better about themselves makes me wish that I could buy thousands!! My hope is that each one of us could buy one and tell another friend about it too. It’s through the power of connections and the strength of friendships that women can achieve anything they put their minds to!! I’m blessed to enjoy daily conversations and weekly hugs with my mom and I can’t wait to give her a necklace knowing that someone else will also be blessed too! XO

Monica Graves

Natasha, your comment is amazing! Let’s keep focused on that dream! We have so many wonderful women in our tribe! XO


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