February – The Longest Short Month of The Year

Isn’t it crazy how this month tortures us?  January seems to go by in a snap, February arrives and we’re all feeling optimistic because, hey!  Spring is only a month and a half away.

But then February seems to just hang around like an unwelcome guest.  Ugggh, add on the pandemic and it’s really a challenge.  The feeling of overwhelm keeps building, it’s not like you can call up a friend and go sit in at a pub and chat over a glass of wine, just to get a change of scenery.  I would do anything for a pub night with friends right about now.

So, I ask you this?  How are you managing?

If I was to paint a picture of my perfect day in these pandemic times it would look like this:

Wake up at 7am

45 minute walk with the dog

30 minutes of Yoga

10 minutes of Meditation

10 minutes of Journaling

Arrive to work by 10am

Leave work at 5pm

Enjoy a delicious dinner with my husband

Have one healthy snack and go to bed by 10:30

10 minutes of Journaling

Read for half an hour

10 minutes of Meditation

A day like this is certainly not impossible.  A few tweaks here and there and I could actually do this.  This month it feels especially hard though.  I honestly would love to be a hibernating bear most days.  It’s funny, I kind of feel like the bear is my spirit animal this month instead of the Lion (my horoscope sign)!  Ha ha!

This month my days have been going like this:

Wake up between 9:30 and 10

30 minute walk with the dog

Shower and rush out the door

Get to the studio by noon

Leave the studio between 7 and 8

Enjoy a delicious meal with my husband

Watch TV, nosh on chocolate and fruit until 10

Go to bed at midnight

Scroll social media until 12:30

Fall asleep by 1am

I know I can do a whole lot better than this.  We can probably all do a lot better, but let’s not lose perspective.  This pandemic sucks and it’s not like anything we have ever experienced before.  So,  before we all start beating ourselves up, let’s take a look at what we can do to give ourselves some grace.

Here’s what “Google” had to say about  – “How To Give Yourself Grace”

Here are the 5 tips :

Tip 1 – Close your eyes and breathe

Tip 2 – Pat yourself on the back and say out loud “good job today”

Tip 3 – Go do something for you

Tip 4 – Start and end your day with self-affirmations

Tip 5 – Spend one hour doing something you really love

Number three is my favourite.  I would LOVE for you to share in the comments below what you have been doing for YOU!  If we all share we can help each other to bring in new ideas for self-care.

I’ll start!  My one thing that I do for me is I put on my roller skates, blast a little disco and practice skating in the back of my studio.  Come to think of it, I need to add this activity to my perfect day.

Also, who wants to start living their perfect day with me for the rest of February and March?  Maybe we need to start a “Perfect Day” support group!  The one caveat would be – there is no expectation to be perfect!

I’m IN if you are.

Monica XO

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