Feeling Thankful

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful Thanksgiving that we just had. Sunshine, trees glowing in full colour and an extra day to spend time with loved ones.

Every year at Thanksgiving I think we are all reminded to think of what we are most thankful for.  This year it really hit me that my health and the health of my loved ones is what I truly treasure.

Health is something that most of us consider a number one priority. Eating well, exercising, surrounding ourselves with positive people.  All great ways to stay healthy.  Sometimes those things are not enough, many people are dealt cards in life that some of us will never have to face.  I have close friends that have had to deal with so much turmoil, grief and fear in their lives and they truly are the strong ones!

I want to introduce you to one of those people.  A dear friend Janet Cockburn who is a two time breast cancer survivor.   Through all of Janet’s suffering she had the strength to make her pain her passion.  She translated her experiences into helping women just like her, to empower them, help them feel comfortable in their own skin and she has become a new friend to many.

I invite you to check out Janet’s website and read her story, I know it will move you.


Janet is a powerful woman that teaches us all to believe in ourselves and that sunny days are always ahead.

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