Friday the 13th in Port Dover

I hope you’re all having an awesome summer and enjoying the heat.
Some days have been a little too hot, but I’m happily keeping them in my memory bank for February, when I’m freezing my buns off and praying for that summer sun!

Summer has so many great activities to participate in, and this month we had a GORGEOUS day for Friday the 13th.

Dave’s World and Jordan Stewart invited me to participate and sell glamjulz in Port Dover that day.  If you haven’t yet experienced Friday the 13th in Port Dover you really should… It’s absolutely amazing!

(Cue the music and the cheesy narrator voice)

The quaint little town of Port Dover sits on the shores of Lake Erie.  With a population of only 6,000 people Port Dover is visited by upwards of 200,000 people every warm Friday July 13th.
Why you ask???
Motorcycle of all shapes, sizes, colours, each one unique….. and that goes for their riders too!
All are welcome and it’s such a powerful thing to witness. You can feel the rumbling of the bikes as the excitement courses through your body as you see them all cruising into town!

BORN TO BE WIIIIIIIIIIIILD… oops, sorry. I got a little carried away!

It was fantastic to see that it’s not only the men riding into town, but many strong, confident women with beautiful bikes and stunning outfits.
Who knew these ladies would also become glamjulz fans! (I’m glad we had some “Harley” colours to accessorize them with!)

After the day was over, my friend Jane and I booted it up to the cottage for the weekend with bikes beside us, bikes behind us and bikes in front, and we enjoyed every minute of it. It almost felt like we were being escorted to Muskoka by our own motorcycle entourage.

OH… and before I forget… Sometime while the weather is still nice, you HAVE TO take the time to go to Port Dover and devour their delicious Lake Erie Perch!
(TIP: Callahan’s Beach House does it the best. Sit outside on their huge patio and enjoy the Palm Trees and breathtaking view of lake Erie.)

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I’ve been waiting to hear how a TV STAR like yourself made out in Port Dover’s famous friday the 13th, I am so excited you were well received those ladies on bikes know something good when they see it.
Cheers to you
exquisite taste in wine


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