From 14 to 47 . . .

This was an exciting week indeed.  In my last blog I talked about making sure we release that little girl inside to show the world our authentic selves.

From Monday through Friday I flipped back and forth from adult to kid like nobody’s business!

Monday morning started bright and early, I was up with the sun and off with my julz to a morning jewelry party.  So much fun!!! The attendees were retired ladies who travel the world and LOVE to cruise!  They all needed julz for their beautiful outfits.  The party took place in the hostess’ garden with croissants, fruit, coffee and tea.  It was spectacular.  Natasha and I made sure that all of the ladies found their perfect piece of glamjulz to help them express who they are!  That’s the most important part!

Next, off to meet my friend Rosemary from Grade 4!  Met her at the Holiday Inn by the Airport where we quickly freshened up for an exciting evening at the ACC!  Tear for Fears and Hall & Oates were waiting for US of course!

We had dinner, caught up on family, work, future hopes and dreams all the important stuff and then headed to the concert.

Tears for Fears hit the stage with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”.  We were instantly thrown back to the 80’s.  Not just with memories but with a feeling.  A feeling of how far we had come since we were 14 years old.  A time travel back within seconds.  Vivid memories rushing quickly to the forefront of our minds.

Once the band got to “Change” we were almost in tears.  The lyrics pulled at our hearts as though these guys wrote the songs for us today.  How is it possible that these young 20 something’s in the 80’s could write lyrics that spoke so clearly to their now 40 something fans.  We were in awe.

Hall & Oates were next and it felt like we were home!  Rosemary and I played their albums over and over again growing up.  Anyone who knows me, knows about my long standing love for Daryl Hall.  It’s no surprise that I kind of forced H&O on all of my friends back in the early 80’s, ha ha!  Rosemary however still shares that love with me today and so we sang all the songs and danced the night away.

The concert ended and we caught the UP Express Train back to the airport.  The ride back to the hotel whizzed by as we reviewed all of our pictures we took at the concert and went over all the highlights over and over again.

We were still revved up back at the hotel and kept chatting until 1am.  Lights out with giggles and I was back up at 6am.

I met with Cogeco Cable at 8am back in Burlington to shoot a segment with the beautiful Deb Tymstra for Halton Insider.  Next, a very important interview at Tom Thomson Public School in Burlington to feature our glamjulz Teacher Bracelets and chat with the amazing volunteers who run the breakfast program on behalf of Halton Food for Thought.

My week continued on this way.  I’m so grateful for my life.  I am learning to share all of the beautiful experiences that come my way and bring those magical elements into my business.  All I’ve ever wanted is to feel free, free from worry, free from guilt and free from insecurities.  I want all of us to feel that way.  We are only human so we can’t let go of it all.  But . . . those moments where someone smiles at us a certain way, or the lyrics of a song touch our hearts or we look over at an 8 year old girl who is proudly pouring milk for all of her school mates.  Those are the moments to be cherished.

You are so powerful!

Speaking of that, who’s coming with us to see Wonder Woman on Tuesday?

Monica XO


Heather luelo

Hi Monica! Thanks for sharing that great experience I too was able to make it to the show…was a total blast. You are such a positive energy…and a beautiful person. You can really tell that you care about what your business stands for and all your beautiful customers. I love my glamjulz!

Monica Graves

Heather!! Thank you so much! You look stunning in glamjulz and I’m sooooo happy we were able to enjoy the concert together! Ha ha! XO

Paul Smith

Great working with you and Deb! Very pleased how the story turned out! Going to purchase a glamjulz bracelet for Natalie’s teacher this week.

Monica Graves

Paul! Thank you for all your support! You are the BEST camera man in the biz! XO

Catherine van der Oye

What a great concert that was! My experience at that concert was one of freedom as well funnily enough. I went back to my teenage years when we used to go dancing all the time….and boy did I love to dance!!!! Times were different back then. We went to clubs, talked to people, danced, engaged in others. One thing we noticed were how many concert goers were our age that night all wanting to go back to those somewhat carefree days. The space we had enabled us to dance dance dance. I wanted to take it all in. ….especially that saxaphone! I couldn’t help but smile the entire concert. What a treat that was! I think it’s important to reconnect with our inner child or teenager and remember what it feels like to feel young, vital and free. It somehow lifts so much stress off of our shoulders and pushes a restart button. It allows us not to have to ADULT but for a fleeting evening…..the only thing that would have made it more perfect was to ride my bike home on such a lovely summer evening….like I always did as a teenager….


Catherine!!! This is wonderful. You described the evening and the feeling so beautifully. Next time bikes!!! Xoxoxo

Catherine van der Oye

haha! as long as you don’t wipe out on the street car tracks like you did when we went to the I Can Do It even we went to! You’re such a tough girl! xoxo


Our lives are made up of moments we share with others. We learn and grown through connection. Apart from infancy, every stage of my life has been connected with you Monica. Woodside Wonder Women to Secondary and post-Secondary studies to failed relationships to world travels to marriage to babies to deaths.
There is nothing quite like ringing ears and sore throats to make 33 years seem like yesterday. Word to the wise: sitting on the UP express at 47 feels much more civilized than standing on a packed GO train at 14.
Life is made up of circles and we can choose who stays in those circles and who has power within our circles.
Monica, I will choose you everyday; in this life and any others granted my spirit.

Monica Graves

Rosemary!! Ditto my friend! We sure have been through so much. We always pick up where we left off and we find laughter in the seriousness that life sometimes presents us with!

I love you so much! More concerts please! We needed that! XOXO

Deb Tymstra

Tuesday morning was a reminder of how important it is to ensure our kiddies are nourished each and every day. Spending time at Tom Thompson Public School with my friends, Paul A. Smith and Monica Graves brought that right into full view! Thank you so much to Food for Thought and Monica for supporting their efforts. A bracelet goes along way to feeding our children, and telling teachers they matter. I’m proud to wear the 2 that I own throughout the year!!


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