Get to Know Her . . .

These days my day to day life is very simple.

Wake up, select a one hour podcast, go for a big walk, come back, get the dog, go for a 20 minute walk with her, make a smoothie, enjoy a morning cup of tea with Wayne, shower and off to the studio.  Get there, work on orders, strategize on my next launch, work on social media, ship orders, go home, pour a glass of wine, cook dinner, sit outside with Wayne if the weather is nice or watch Netflix or keep working at home, and repeat . . .

I don’t have extra time but I do have way more hours in the day that I spend alone, thinking and figuring stuff out.

For the last two years it has been my dream to have my own podcast.  A platform where I would interview artists, entrepreneurs aspiring and inspiring business people that I know.  I imagined that my podcast would be a place where people could tune in and be entertained, learn and find comfort in topics that were relatable.

I kept dreaming about my podcast but I never had the time to focus on it and make it happen.  I would come into to the studio every day, look at the podcast mic sitting on a shelf and think: “One day, when I have more time.”

Since quarantine happened the first thought that came to my head was, I need to help my fellow artists and entrepreneurs, I need to introduce my people to them so that they will gain new customers and it will be my way of helping small business.  So away I went, I started interviewing local talent on Facebook Live every Tuesday at 1pm.  I called it Virtual Treat Yourself Tuesday where you could shop and have the added bonus of listening to me interview a fellow business person.

It started out rough.  The audio wasn’t great (it didn’t even occur to me to plug in that podcast mic!  Ha ha) and I had no idea how to share a screen on Facebook Live.  Basically it was me talking to someone on a speaker phone.  My guests kind of sounded like they were on an AM radio call in show.

After a few interviews, I filled Wayne in on what I was up to.  He got me all set up with my podcast mic and gave me a quick lesson on audio stuff.  Then a friend told me about an app I could use so that I could do split screen interviews with my guests and the audience could see both of us!  How brilliant!

Last weekend I said to Wayne: “I’m so happy interviewing these women.  My Facebook Live show needs a name.”  He’s really good at this stuff so I left it to him . . . lots of good suggestions came up, but it was important that the name was all about the guest and the audience.  We both agreed that nothing was really resonating.  I said: “Let’s leave it for now and go back to it.”  About a half hour later, he’s in the living room and I’m in the kitchen.  I’m not even kidding you, at the same time we both blurted out: “Get to know her with glamjulz”.

It was perfect, and I LOVED how the name was born!

Last week was my first interview with my new “Get to Know Her” branding and I felt so proud.  So, while we are in quarantine I’m going to continue to run these interviews via video.  It’s so nice to get the visual and if you prefer podcast style, you can always just listen.  I have built up a library of these videos on YouTube.  Now you can go hang out with some incredible women anytime you want.

I’m so grateful to you for watching me through all the growing pains and for listening and commenting.

You guys rock my world!

Monica XO

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