Girls Just Wanna Have Funding

Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing Sophia Ruffalo, founder and CEO of femmebought.

After our interview I quickly registered for a membership and joined this incredible woman and her network of powerful female entrepreneurs.

Even before our chat, she totally got me with her clever branding and playful 80’s tagline, “Girls Just Wanna Have Funding”

As Sophia grows this business with a passion to give her time and resources to female entrepreneurs like me, she’s also discovered another way to make a big impact.

Through her research she recognized that funding and support for women minority owned businesses is staggeringly low, less than 1% in North America.

Put the stress of a global pandemic on top of running a business and you have a whole lot of women who need help to build equity in their businesses and not lose them all together.

Sophia brought her team together and they decided to launch something very special for 2021.

They initiated a mini accelerator program that gives a woman access to the resources she needs to scale her business.  They called the program mini because they found it more helpful to look at one business goal at a time, rather than the whole picture.  Whatever a woman’s next project is, femmebought gets behind the project or mission.  It’s a focused approach without being all consuming like most accelerator programs.   Sophia and her team recognized that women still need to take care of their families and other priorities.  As a result, they created a program where a woman can still take care of her life and pursue her dreams.

Women are facing new challenges in the marketplace that are overwhelming.  The funding is only a fraction of what they need.   It’s all about having access to resources and giving that access back to women.  Sophia and her team have created a mentorship community that is so impactful. It provides funding, education and help from successful business experts along the way.

I am totally on board with what femmebought has created.  When I heard that they were offering scholarship programs for their mini business accelerator program (offering the program to ten minority women-owned businesses in the US and Canada), I wanted to help!

Really, how could I not want to hop on this band wagon.  This is huge!  femmebought is giving these women the tools they need and empowering them with the resources they require to be successful instead of just handing them a bunch of money.

This is where true change will happen.  This is something we can all support!

Click HERE to find out how you can help support this scholarship program through my recent collaboration with Sophia Ruffalo, our “Girls Just Wanna Have Funding” bracelets.

Your support is greatly appreciated.  With every 25 bracelets sold we will be able to provide one scholarship to a minority women-owned business.

Let’s wear these bracelets in solidarity as a reminder to never, never give up on our dreams or the dreams of our sisters!

Girl power!

Monica XO

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