glamjulz in beautiful BC!

At the end of July I spent 10 days in Kelowna BC!  What an amazing trip!

I went there to surprise my best friend for her 40th birthday and also incorporated some time to sell julz!!!  I rented a car and drove all over the Okanagan meeting new customers and taking orders.  Absolutely fantastic.  the scenery was intoxicating and the store owners were so appreciative for the visits.  Definitely somewhere I would like to visit more often.

My days were so perfect while I was there. 7am wake-up, one hour bike rides to greet the day and then off to sell julz by 9am with a cooler full of veggies, okanagan peaches, yummmmm and lots of water!   Home by 6pm, perfect dinners with Okanagan wine and in bed by 11pm to do it all again the next day!  I really am so grateful to be living this dream.  I have made my love my work and in turn I am rewarded each day by having the freedom to make this whatever I want it to be.  We all deserve that satisfaction!

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