Goodbye Childhood Home . . .

This weekend was full of fun and emotion for our family!

My Mom had an Open House for all of our neighbours and friends to come and say goodbye to her house.

Yup, my Mom sold her house and she is moving on to condo living!

The party was the perfect way to reminisce as everyone who attended shared their memories and were equally as sad as we to say goodbye to this old house.

Surrounded by all of these dear friends I quickly realized that our family weren’t the only ones who were grieving!  So much happened in this house that was equally as important to our guests.

ABBA parties in the 70’s, watching Gilligan’s Island and eating ice cream with my brother after school, siphoning wine from my Dad’s demijohns into Clearasil bottles for the high school dance, the epic basement parties, kids who my brother and I babysat and brought over to the house, the dinners, the magical Christmas Eve’s and just living in a house with the best parents ever!

I decided to make sure that all of our guests left with a little memento.  They were all invited into the basement to choose a National Geographic from a year that meant something to them and I also gave them each a red and white wine label from my Dad’s overstock.

The afternoon was filled with joy.  Every time I looked over at my Mom she was smiling and enjoying her guests while us kids took care of the party stuff, exactly the way it should be.

We could all feel my Dad’s presence at the party, even some of the new neighbours who never had the privilege of knowing him loved the stories going around and could feel him there too.

Over the years my Mom and Dad made this house a home by welcoming loved ones with open arms.  This house has a heartbeat and a pulse that will never be replaced.

Although I am sad to say goodbye, I realize how lucky I am to share my memories with so many wonderful people.

Can’t wait to see what happens at the new condo!  I have a feeling once these people meet my dear Mom their lives will never be the same!

That’s just how she rolls!

Monica XO


Barb Tucker

How wonderful, Monica! Mixed emotions, for sure, but the warm and lovely memories will never fade! Wishing your Mom a contented and happy life in her new home!

Monique Percival

Wishing your Mom many happy days, making new friends in her new style of living. She will love it.


Such a wonderful way to celebrate so many amazing years and memories created. Love your mom and so excited for her new venture!

Judy Eberspaecher

Dear Monica,
I cannot imaging the highs and lows of leaving your home. What a grand idea to have a Goodbye party and now you don’t have to move those heavy National Geographics! Smart girl! Your Mom is so lucky to have both kids nearby and she is doubly lucky they (you) are such great kids.
I wish I could have been there but I had a prior commitment. I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas. Sending big hugs.

Monica Graves

Oh Judy!
Thank you so much! Eric and I are the lucky ones… we definitely scored in the Mom and Dad department.

Hope to see you soon.


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