Green – Inspired by Carrie Fisher


This weekend brave men and women all over the world rallied together to support the Women’s March.  Carrie Fisher was celebrated and she certainly was there in spirit, marching with her brothers and sisters.

When Carrie Fisher passed away social media went wild.  Not only did she play the character of a bad ass princess, she also set that example in real life.

I remember how Princess Leia empowered me In 1977.  I was 8 years old and I left the theatre feeling like I could change the world.  Princess Leia showed me I could fight the villain, use my powers to save the day and that by sticking to my values and moral beliefs I could advance myself to any rank that I wanted.

At that time in my life the villain was my Grade 3 teacher, her lack of compassion for shy and insecure kids like me made it unbearable to go to school everyday.  I decided to take matters into my own hands and get to know other kids that felt excluded in her class, these became my friends for life.

Saving the day meant protecting these friends and myself against bullies.   I remember being called a Nazi in the school yard and my Jamaican friends being teased for the colour of their skin and the texture of their hair. We were teased because we weren’t allowed to stay up late and watch shows like Fantasy Island, our parent’s couldn’t afford to buy us designer jeans and none of us had experienced our first kiss.  As a group we decided that whenever a bully attacked our comeback line would simply be, “I love you too!”

Sticking to my values and moral beliefs meant being proud of my family and what they sacrificed to immigrate to Canada and give my brother and I a charmed life.  It meant treating my friends with kindness and respect and having compassion for their struggles as well as my own.  I also learned compassion for the bullies and the villains and understood that everyone had pain, I just needed to be careful about who I chose to surround myself with.

The green julz that I will release in Spring 2017 will represent freedom, love and peace.  The green beads have a glow to them that will bring you to a place of contemplation and meditation.  I want you to wear this colour palette and grab a strong hold of the force that is within you.  If you are holding back let it be released.  Make this year one where you are brave, fearless and unstoppable.  Sometimes the villain we are fighting is within ourselves.  Kindly ask that voice inside of you to leave, you have better things to do like save the day!

Monica XO

*Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear about how Carrie Fisher affected your view on life and/or how you stood up for something that was important to you*


Carnelian Gleissner

Us friends sticking together through tuff but also great times made me stronger and contributed greatly to my inner peace. We developed our own strength…. and difficulties didn’t seem half as bad when we shared them together…… the words you chose couldn’t be truer… and I’m lucky to have shared these times with all of you….. thank-you all for that. More words from me at another time…as you mentioned it’s past midnight and my supernatural powers are yawning…. goodnight my favourite bravest girls

Monica Graves

Cornelia! This means so much to me! Especially since you are commenting after midnight from Deutschland on a Sunday night. I’m so grateful for our friendship and everything we experienced together! We Woodside girls are a legend! XO


Ah, so many memories.
New kid in school, so nervous, so scared, wearing hand-me-downs from my brother. Then Monica saying to the teacher in front of the whole class that she would be my friend. And she came complete with a wonderfully eclectic group of girls.
Together this group had strength, colour, brains, brawn, creativity, empathy and international awareness. We created in each other an amazing emotional intelligence that has supported us individually and kept our ties to this group.
Whether we are mothers or not, I know we are all passing this collective wisdom on to those in our circles. We are women of several continents and many countries and we have spread into the realm of spirits. I know we are all changed by the experiences we have lived since those days, but I also know that foundation grounds us.
The memories inspire me.
Our shared and individually-lived experiences inspire me.
Our growth inspires me.
I have true courage – am able to recognize and move forward through fear – because I learned it from a group of girls in elementary school.
Forever grateful. I love you all.

Monica Graves

Rosemary you articulate yourself so beautifully. We were all brought together for BIG reasons and my life is better for all of this strength and LOVE!!! XO


aw, still remember this like it was yesterday, Moni 🙂
I was also petrified of that grade 3 teacher … not to mention our grade 4 teacher ( hard to believe that teachers had the authority to slap a kid’s hand with a ruler as they saw fit, with no recourse whatsoever … glad some things have changed since then! )
I also remember “I love you too” and how empowered and secure being part of our little gaggle of girls made me feel. You were always the one to leading the charge, looking out for those who needed it …. and look at you today … you still are!!! xoxoxo

Monica Graves

Oh Joanne, this is beautiful! We all became forces didn’t we? These friendships will be treasured always. We need a reunion!! XO


I’m touched by all of the above comments … I didn’t know you back then but you certainly are one of my rocks today!!
You inspire me everyday to rise above it all and do my very best! You’ve certainly taught me what true friendship is and how to use my positive energy to help others any way that I can! XO

Monica Graves

Natasha!! You do the same for me my friend! Staying positive and on top of your game not only honours those around you but it also shows self respect! You know how to rock both of those qualities! XO

Melissa J

Wow! What a throw back! I remember pretending to be Princess Leia. Brave, fearless, and unstoppable. I like to think we still are!

Monica Graves

Of course we still are! Now, how do we get our hair in those buns? XO


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