Have you wound down yet?


It’s Sunday evening of the first long weekend.  Okay, please don’t cry there is still one day left to enjoy.

How long did it actually take you to wind down? 5 minutes? A whole day? Hasn’t happened yet?

I know the feeling.

I’m actually still waiting.  I find winding down tough.  It’s not that I don’t want to decompress but sometimes it’s hard.

I feel like I’ve gotten to the point where I can only wind down when I am physically exhausted from working.  Am I a workaholic? Ummmmmm YES….probably…I guess, but I do love what I do so much – so does that still make me a workaholic?

This weekend Mom, Boink and I decided to head north and enjoy the cottage, as in get it ready before our summer guests come and enjoy the place.

Today I cleaned the place from top to bottom, thought it might take 3 hours and 8 hours later I still have things to complete in the morning.

Sometimes I just wish I could get it ALL done! Like right now!

The part about life that we must accept is that we never get it done.  That’s why we are here, living.  If we got it all done there would be nothing to live for.

Tonight please relax, use the time to think about all of the great things you see in your tomorrow because yesterday is soooo gone! Been there, done that!

Project yourself to a better place, work hard but reward yourself too! Enjoy every moment because it’s often the little moments that we miss the most.

Boink supervised me all day today and now she’s passed out from working hard and I’m thinking of my next big idea!

Good news is –  I’m sitting still!

Reach for the stars, my friend! Especially tonight because I think Mars is still hanging around!

Monica XO


MC Hudakoc

HI Monica,

This has been an exciting weekend so far. I spent Saturday gardening one of my favourite activities & today we celebrated my husband’s birthday with my daughters, grandchildren, sister & brother- in – law. Tomorrow is relaxing time.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Mary Catherine

Monica Graves

Mary Catherine I love it! What a well balanced weekend! Thanks for sharing Xo


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