How are you starting 2013?


There’s a new feeling this month. A chance for change, to break old habits, an opportunity to start something new.

This is the excitement that a new year brings to many of us.

I would like to show my love and appreciation for this new time by acknowledging the many blessings I received in 2012. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to start the new year with a bang and work hard to achieve our goals, then we end up feeling tired and hopeless as the months go on because these visions we have are not instantly manifesting.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the way you are is already GRAND and PERFECT? I have seen this first hand as I lost my Dad last year. The love, support, emails, help and generosity I received from so many of you was in such abundance that it truly humbled me. How is it possible that so many people would stop their own lives to care for me and my family? My goodness……it IS possible and it DID happen, right before my eyes.

Having my own business has been rewarding because I get to create beautiful jewelry and build strong and lasting relationships with my customers. There are so many ways that we get to communicate creatively as well, through facebook, twitter, blogging, etc….. I really love that part. I get to express my opinions, hopefully provide inspiration and hear back from you!

I want you all to know that as I work through my own challenges and face a new world without my dear Dad there is something amazing that is happening. As I heal and remember him for the big force of life that he was, I wake up each morning and see him smiling at me, a big beautiful grin that says, “You’re still there and you get to LIVE!!! Go and do it!! Enjoy each moment! You don’t need to be perfect you just need to have FUN!”

So friends, let this be a 2013 message for all of us. Please remember how our own evolution as humans works… remember that whatever you are creating it’s worth it! Who cares if it’s not perfect just keep moving in the direction that makes you happy. Recognize your accomplishments by going back to see what you were doing last year and the year before and pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come.

I look forward to seeing you all this year and I am excited to continue to grow glamjulz and keep you posted with blogging, facebooking and tweeting…..and of course it`s always a joy to hear from YOU!

I`d love to hear what is inspiring you for 2013!

Please feel free to leave a comment below!




My Dear, Perfect (in so many eyes), Monica! I love reading your blogs as they are from the heart and express what so many feel, or wish they could feel. I know you are missing your Dad but you are so fortunate to have your Mom, Eric and Family and Wayne. Don’t forget how important they are.

I would like to talk to you about an idea I have. No I’m not wanting to buy shares in glamjulz! Send me a message at the address your Mom has or to the address above. I’m not sure if this site is more public than I’d like for discussing this.
have a wonderful, peaceful and productive 2013. Let’s keep in touch.

terry at Key Collections

Happy New Year Monica!I was so sorry to hear about your dad.You have been in my thoughts.Stay strong and positive.Life is good.

Take care,Terry

Teresa Baerg

Thanks for the January inspiration, Monica! All the best to you as you begin your 2013!


Happy New Year Monica!
I look forward to following your blogs while I am away in Arizona for the winter.
All the best. Hugs Julie

Rozi and Ivan

Hello my beautiful Moni. What inspires me? You inspire me. You are a treasure and all of us that know you and love you all feel the same way about you. While reading your blog from our little corner of the world in Barbados I actually felt that your wonderful Dad, Wolfgang to the rest of us, was looking over you. I could feel that unique vibe that belongs to you and your Dad. Of course your Mama and you have always been a team and will continue on that same solid path. Wayne, another gift in your life. A great guy that adores you. We love you too. xoxo

Barbara Ibbotson Crowder

Happy New Year to you, and all your wonderful family!

As we embark on this new journey of 2013, I trust that you’ll be aware of the unseen beautiful carpet that rolls out ahead of you, with some angels watching over you along the way. I know at least two of them (your Oma & your Dad).

Much love, and hope to see you and your dear Mom soon,
Hugs, Barbara

Esmée St James

Monica, you are so aligned with you purpose it’s not funny! You found a perfect way to be creative, connect with people and express your opinion. Oh, and get paid for it too. it doesn’t get much better.

You love what you do so much that you are a shining example to all those you touch. And you touch more people than you know, Monica.

Happy New Year to you to, Leo sista! Rock on…


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