How does your favourite small business make you feel?


Yipppeee my new website has been live for about a month now and being “out there” feels so very exciting.

Times are changing and shifting and I want to be in the wave of change, not swimming against the current.

At a glance the on line world can look quite threatening to a lot of small businesses. We’re always hearing that customers are out there comparing prices, on a hunt for the best deal.

As a small business owner with a loyal and caring clientele (YES that’s YOU!) I know that I don’t need to play that game.  The only game that I want to play is to connect with you and hopefully leave you feeling extra sparkly and inspired.

As you know I have my colourful glamjulz in several beautiful boutiques across North America and so many of them are thriving and doing well.

I think they follow this simple formula:

They create an environment where customers feel relaxed and pampered.  The service they offer builds trust and their clientele enjoys the shopping experience so much that they keep coming back for more. This is super fantastic because we all know what shopping locally does for our economy!

Partnering up with other businesses is also a very powerful way to give customers an unforgettable experience.

One of the ways I do this is by asking the beautiful boutiques that carry glamjulz to host trunk shows.

These shows are a way for me to meet the people who are buying glamjulz at their favourite boutique. How grateful am I to meet all the people that are supporting me and my dream?

I have felt very honoured in the last few years by some amazing boutiques that have gone out of their way to ensure that these trunk shows are well attended.

The boutiques with the biggest turn outs have called their glamjulz customers and personally invited them to come and meet me, they have recorded radio ads, they have asked for an RSVP, they have mailed personal invitations, sent out emails, created beautiful ads for facebook, instagram and twitter.

I feel so inspired by these boutique owners because they understand marketing.  They do it with passion and it comes from their heart.

You see, today’s way of marketing is not about making the big sale…it’s not about sending the same message to everyone and expecting them to want to follow you.

It’s about showing your customers that they are an important part of your business. It’s about suggesting and offering things to them that you know they need and will make them feel good in the world.

Bravo to all the businesses that genuinely care and bravo to all of the customers who support us!

Monica XO


Laurie Heirwegh, A.K.A. DESIGNS

Hey Monica! Can’t wait until our next Trunk Show on May 5 featuring your beautiful glamjulz. I know our customers appreciate the sparkle they bring into their lives! Also meeting you, the designer personally is a bonus! See you soon!

Monica Graves

Laurie! I absolutely can not wait! You always do an amazing job at bringing wonderful people together! It’s going to be an event to remember! Xo


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