How My Customers Became My Friends

Starting a business was so fun and exciting all those years ago.

I was pumped up about any opportunity that came my way and wanted to have my hands in everything!  Shows, Boutiques, Bridal, Home Parties, just about any place where I could show my designs and start building a base of customers and fans.

I remember when I would host an event at my studio, way back when, I’d get so nervous.  Is anyone going to come?  Will they have a good time? Will they stay?  I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect.  I wasn’t really sure about what I was doing or what women wanted.

Now I know, women want the same things I do.  They want to be a part of something.  Somewhere to go where they feel welcomed and supported.  A place they can come and have meaningful conversations and walk away feeling a sense of friendship and belonging.

Not only has this feeling become the foundation of my business, it has become the way our customers make us feel.  I can speak for all of us on the glamjulz team when I say that you, our customers make it known that we are important and adored.  You attend our events, you tell all of your friends about us and you support our fundraising julz to help the community.

Over the years you, our customers have become dear friends and that means everything to us.

This Tuesday we are very excited to be hosting our final Studio Sale of the year!  This year we decided on a friendship theme to celebrate the women who will come and bring all of their great energy and new friends to our studio.

Shopping local is so important to keep our communities thriving.  I know we’re not the only business that loves to make our customers feel important.  Think of  all of the ones who do and continue to make a conscious decision to shop there.  Not only will they do a little happy dance but so will you!

Monica XO

Have you joined our “Where Women Gather to Sparkle” page yet?  This is a private facebook page where we post inspirational thoughts, quotes, dreams and ambitions!  You are free to join the party and post as well!  It’s a wonderful page of women cheering on other women!


Karen Falls

Monica: Your customers come because:
they love your jewelry
they respect and want to support your causes
Because you, Maggie, Dawn, Natasha, Boink and your mother make them feel like they are friends not customers.


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