How my pain led me to my purpose…


So happy to be back in the blogging game.

It’s been a long time and I’ve had my reasons.

Building the glamjulz website has probably been one of the most soul searching experiences I’ve ever had.  Isn’t that crazy?

Apart from my adorable dog Miss Boink… this business, these julz and this website are all my babies!

I have finally crossed the finish line and created a site that is authentic and expresses my true values.  How could it be that this was soooooo NOT easy?

I have been teased by family and friends for the past 2 years… “Ummm, what is taking so long? Get that website UP already!”

The last time I wrote a blog was in 2013 shortly after losing my Dad to cancer.

I wanted to write and create after he died, I wanted to share my life but I kept asking myself the same question over and over again: “How can I inspire others and still keep creating when I have so much pain inside?”

The answer is that I just couldn’t. I lost time, I lost money and I lost my passion.

You know who finally helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel? YOU!

I learned so much from all of you! When I lost my Dad my perfect bubble exploded into smithereens. At the tender young age of 43 I finally realized that I was not the only one that ever experienced deep dark horrible pain. What a naive and ridiculous thing to say, but that was my epiphany.

I saw all of you differently, I saw wounds, I saw scars and I saw that some may never heal.  You know what else I saw? Compassion, compassion directed towards me when you had your own life stuff! This is when I realized that when we give to others and put our own pain aside we can truly start the healing process.

It has taken me 3 years but I feel ready! I feel stronger, smarter, more capable and unstoppable!

This website through all of the second guessing, tears and battles with perfection has brought me right to where I am supposed to be.

When you come visit the glamjulz website I want you to feel welcome, loved and know how important you are.

I want you to wear glamjulz because you have found a piece that expresses who YOU are.

I just want you to show the world your sparkle because that’s what healed me.

Thank you for reading and thank you for being in my tribe!

Monica XO


Elizabeth Plouffe

And aren’t we lucky that you found your sparkle ?? It’s been a joy getting to know you again and to be part of your process. Being semi-orphan myself (thank goodness for mothers with strong genes!), I know how trying to move forward can be challenging. The good news? The steps get easier every time you take one. x0x0


Nice work my friend…. Your hard worked paid off. It looks great!! Thanks for sharing your honest story. ❤️Xo


Thank you for this personal story that lets us know a little more about the maker behind these beautiful bangles. I’m happy to hear you’re in a better place, and look forward to reading more and see more of your creations!

Natasha Eadie

Monica you are one in a million ! When you channel pain and heartbreak into something positive (and something they makes others happy), you have success ! The journey is your therapy and only upwards and onwards for you my friend ! Your dad would be so proud of how you have let the ups and downs of “life’s rich pattern” inspire you and not unravel you. Those same character traits that make you so hurt because you care so much are the same ones that will drive your success! So glad we met !


Natasha..thank you for these thoughtful words. I know that my Dad led you to our garage sale last spring…we were meant to meet and become friends for so many great reasons! ❤

Victoria Al-Samadi

Love the website and love your honesty Monica! You’re a true gem and I am so happy to see you back here xo


Awww shucks Victoria….thank you for all of your support over the years and for the great work you do on Girl It Up! XO….you’re a favourite blogger of mine


Dear Monica – We all have times when we feel we are at the edge. It is sometimes hard to remember that everything we want is in our heart and in our hands. How lucky we are to have those we can reach out to and hold on to.
Your julz always cheer me and anyone I gift them to. Glam on! – LL x

Rachel Couban

aww, that’s so sweet, but your Dad was THAT awesome, you are a lucky girl. Love is the gift that keeps on giving.


Monica – your personality has an ingrained zest for life. That difficult time was just exactly when we got to know each other and I never cease to wonder in your inspiring energy and outlook.

You’re a gem…I mean a JULZ!


It’s very difficult to loose a parent—no one understands until it happens to them—it’s been three years since I lost my Mom and I still expect the phone to ring—-we are lucky we had a good relationship with our parents— not everyone does.

Barbara Crowder

Your words are just Beautiful Monica….Just exactly Like YOU! Thank you for sharing your inspiring message, and for simply being YOU!
Much love, Barbara


Good on ya girl! I celebrate you, your humanity and your personal growth! Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty.


When we lose someone special they take a big piece of us with them. Slowly but surely, as we learn to cope with our loss, they give that big piece back, a little at a time so we can take comfort in memories and find peace once again.

Vanessa M

What a beautifully authentic piece of writing! You have always been a bright star in my eyes! I’m so happy to support your amazing business, while wearing beautiful pieces of jewelry!❤️

Terry Reid

Wow! Sitting here with tears in my eyes. You are an incredible person. And you know what? As I’m reading this ” Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is playing. I swear I didn’t plan it. wow!


Hi Monica, Thank you for sharing your story. It hits home hard for me since losing my father to cancer too. Since, I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer one more time, being a survivor for 17years. I thought I was healing from the loss and pain and now it all begins again. I am in the process of setting up a B&B and have been working hard to get started. But for the time being life takes over, dreams are on hold but in time, dreams do come true, you’re proving that. I appreciate your honesty and compassion and wish you much success with everything you create. Your email gave me a little spark today that I can do this………Love those glamjulz, have shared them with my daughters and sisters for many years.


Cathy! Thank you so much for sharing your story. You can do this! You are more powerful than you realize…it’s all there inside of you ❤



You are one of the sweetest, kind people I have ever met. No matter how long time goes in between seeing each other you always make me feel important and cherished. Whether it just be your smile to say Hi or a great hug! The pain and sadness you went through is understandable and everyone grieves in their own way. You never truly stopped creating, just on a slower scale which is impressive!

The pain will never truly go away as my Mum has been gone since 1999. I never forget, always cherish and love her to this day. You learn to cope and find ways to keep the memory alive. It will get easier each day, trust me!!!

I look forward to more wonderful jewellery and the great compliments that go along with it!!


Amber…thank you so much for this thoughtful comment. These are the type of words that keep me feeling strong.

You’re not just helping me with your beautiful words but anyone else who might be reading. XO

Judy Eberspaecher

My Dear Monica,
In all your sadness and loss, you were always so strong, perhaps only on the outside, and supportive to others, including me. Your smile, your hugs and the special, caring way you treat everyone, is testament to the Monica that is the real you. However, knowing your parents for so many years, I know where that strength comes from. You might say you are back but you were never really gone!


Thank you so much for your kindness.

Your note means so much to me. I always love reminiscing with you about Dad and all the great times. ❤

Debbie Taruffi-Nievera

Reading this put a smile on my face. We all struggle with hardships. To hear yours and how you have come out of it with strength, vision and more passion is empowering. You make all of our lives shine and a bit more prettier with the beautiful pieces you create!! Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us!!


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