How To Exercise Your Wonder Woman Mindset . . .

Okay, tell me something, honestly.  Do you ever wake up, get showered and ready for the day and as you are drying your back imagine that your towel is a cape?  Might sound childish but you need to try it!

It’s just one of the many ways you can start your day with a Wonder Woman mindset.

To me, this mindset means that you have an inner confidence to know that you can handle anything that might come your way.  If you feel apprehensive or fearful that’s okay too.  It just means you need to tweak what you are choosing to think about.  Maybe your inner child needs a little support.  Keep her apprised as to what your plans are.  You know, those plans about how you’re going to singlehandedly make this world a better place.  Please, go easy on her.

As I celebrate my 16th episode of the “Get to Know Her” show I’ve heard some powerful stories from rock solid business women.  I wanted to share some of my favourite highlights with you.   I think we can all use a little inspiration from strong women to get our mindset right and keep reaching for our goals.

Dr. Liza Egbogah wanted to be a doctor since she was six, she was called the Golden Child as a young girl and found out that her great grandfather was the village healer and that she had inherited his magic hands.

Tiffany Pratt says, “know who you are and what you need to feel good in the world”.  As a young girl she was able to comfort herself and find happiness through art when there was uncertainty in her childhood.

Kim McDonald publicly announced when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She started to blog about it.  She wanted to document what she was going through, she did it for herself and what she didn’t realize was that by sharing her experience she would be helping other people.

Dr. Tiffany Hunt says she was born an empath and was a sensitive kid growing up.  She was a helper from early on and that was the role she played among her friends.

Laura Youngs started her business on her kitchen table in April 2015.  Moving from the kitchen to the basement to finally finding the perfect space, her road to success has had its own set of challenges.

This is just a snapshot of how amazing the women are who I have interviewed over the past few months.  I think what I have learned from all of them is that nothing is about being perfect.  It’s simply about forging ahead and believing in your dreams.

Now that’s the kind of Wonder Woman mindset I can subscribe to!

Monica XO

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