How To Wear More Sparkle!

Marilyn Monroe wore them in Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Madonna repeated them again in her video for Material Girl , Audrey Hepburn invented such a classic and timeless look with the way she adorned them in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and let’s not forget how many Bond girls sparkled up the big screen in them.

I’m talking about Swarovski Crystals, my friends.  They are stunningly beautiful and you’ve probably noticed that we are quite obsessed with them here at glamjulz!  I was lucky enough to visit the museum in Austria back in 2014 and yes, of course, I wrote a BLOG about my experience there.

To me these crystals have always had a magical element to them.  The way they shimmer and pick up the light, they look beautiful on all skin types and just make the woman wearing them look even more extraordinary than she already does.

As I watch the trends and follow what is happening in fashion it seems that many of us are gravitating towards a minimalist look for our accessories.  Of course we still love a bold statement piece but there is no reason why simple little light julz can’t make a statement too.

You’re going to see us releasing more and more designs in Swarovski Crystal in the coming months.  I just can’t get enough of their beautiful colour palettes and their interesting shapes.

I want to encourage you to wear them with a cute little T-shirt and jeans, layer them over big cozy sweaters and please pack them for your trip down south where they will be dazzling over your favourite little summer dress.

These crystals are exactly what every glamgirl needs to show the world her sparkle!

Monica XO

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