What is it about cycling that makes us feel like we are 10 years old again?  That memory of my first taste of real independence is so vivid every summer when I first hop on my bike.

Something about the wind blowing through my hair, my legs burning to push me further and how secure I feel as I balance my bike and take it wherever I want to go.  I also have the perfect partner for all of my bike riding adventures.  Katherine for the daily 6:30am ride through Bronte Creek Provincial Park, my other Catherine to explore Toronto and ride along the Leslie Spit, Steve for 22K rides to Stoneboats and back for a beer and last but not least my wonderful Wayne, we just let the road take us wherever our heart desires………….

If you have a bike sitting in your garage collecting dust, take it over to your favourite bike shop for a tune up and fall back in love with your bike and your 10 year old self! You won’t regret it!

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Hi there,I agree 100%. I ride everyday in the countryside here in Peterborough. It’s such an amazing feeling of freedom, and it’s the best way to take in nature. It gets me away from the bustle of the city as well. If I can’t get out daily I get real anxy. LOVE MY BIKE!!!! Take care, watch out for those cars though.


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